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RE: Previous flyer promo Optimum points

Last Monday went shopping in order to take advantage of your optimum points promo "redeem 40000 points get 90$"

Got to the cash only to be embarrassed as to the cashier telling me that the promo only applied to cosmetics. She was very courtious in telling me that she also thought that it applied to all products and was not the first one that day to have been mislead as to the advertisement. We are I think very good customers of your store and enjoy your Optimum Points program however, if the printing on the flyer had not been so minuscule I would of understood and would not have made that special trip and would have waited for my next point level to redeem and would have been to my advantage but being there with a cart full of products I therefore had no choice but to redeem 38000pts and the loss was mine. Your flayers are usually very clear about your prom's but was not the case this time and that at my cost.


Therese Fontaine and Louis Leblanc

Feb 17, 2014

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