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Hi I'm writing to complain about the Pharmacy Owner Jerry Ip. I asked him about this vitamin D tablet. All he did was checkhart to see if the pills that I am currently taking would have any effects to it. He was rude when I asked him more questions and he didn't provide me with any detailed information about how to take these supplements. Well what happened is Itook the prescribed dosage 3 times per day... and it nearly killed me. I had to go to the hospital because I fainted at work and had a stroke. They said I had an overdose. Because the blood from my heart to my brain wasn't flowing as much. I think this is a very bad thing and I wish the shoppers drug mart reprimands him... because he failed to help me enough and provide advice about the drugs that were administered by him Specifically.the information to the store I went to is...shoppers drug mart - mccowan & ellesmere. Store Number: 1314. Pharmacist(s)/Owner(s): Jerry Ip; Store Address: 1235 Mccowan Road Scarborough ON M1H 3K3; Phone: [protected]; Fax: [protected]; Email [protected] I'm sure if I died from this it would have been a big deal... so please don't heed my warning and do something about this.

Nov 28, 2016

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