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Shoppers Drug Mart / poor pharmacy service

1 Timmins, Ontario, Canada

So everytime I go to get my meds from this shoppers at 681 algonquin Blvd E #5, Timmins, On, P4N 8S6, they mess up the entire prescription and even try and charge me for fee's that should be covered, this happens everytime without fail no matter how much I try and prevent it from happening. This usually results in me paying for meds that should be covered and then being told to come in the next day for my refund. Should be fine right, except everytime I try to come for my regund i'm told that either the delivery man didnt bring money back (which I don't see how thats my problem) or that I was charged on the account (w/e that means) and bunch other exscuses that contradict the previous employee's that I spoke with. Basically i'm dicked around for few days till they eventually sort things out. If your like me and have a disease thats effected by stress, this pharmacy and it's half fast employee's ain't a good place to deal with unless you want to deal with their unwillingless to do their jobs.
5 times in a row this happened (you'd think they'd smarten up fith time) so now I'm writing this to warn anyone with medical issue that it's not worth going to that particular pharmacy, as they'll just lie through their teeth and tell you previous employee you talked to that said everything would be fine and that their writing notes for whoever you talk to next, and you'll just be passed around and fustrated the entire time.
The employee's at this pharmacy doesnt even have good speaking skills as you can't explain anything without them sayinng they can't do nothing, just to be told by another employee that they can. This pharmacy makes you feel helpless.

People I'd like to complain about from my most recent visit is the superviser Jessica who was less then pleasant about the whole ordeal, and parth who was the first person I dealt with who said I would have my money back in cash the next day (4 days ago and still waiting...) would list other names, cuz most of the pharmacy employee's are just as bad but didn't think I would be screwed around soo much.
Still waiting to get money thats owed which apparently only the owner can do even though the other 4 times I didn't need the owner.
Shoppers needs to curate their employee's more as this is not a great experience in the least.

Dec 30, 2017

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