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Kitchener ON, CA

If I could pick 0 stars I would. This is by far the worst pharmacy I have ever dealt with.
Everything you could imagine could go wrong has gone wrong.
I also just want to say pharmacist Nick was the absolute best when he was there. But the second he walked out the door all hell broke loose!
I can tell you I have been a loyal customer for 10 years. Previously I could walk in and pick-up my prescription and leave. In the last year the pharmacy has changed owners and has gone drastically down hill.
I am not exaggerating when I say that EVERYTIME I try to pick up my prescription there has been problems. This evening was no different. This is not a problem with just one of the pharmacist. I have had problems with everyone of them. How can the incompetency be so rampent.
This evening I was trying to pick up the part of my prescription they forgot the first time I was there a couple days ago. I even made sure to confirm the name the last time I was in. It's still missing!!! So I asked the pharmacist for the item. She looked at my account and told me I have no more refills of that perscprition. So here I am without any of my prescription (that I was told a couple days ago I had refills of). I almost drove away thinking my doctor had screwed up. But I didn't leave cause I knew better! This is a place that has consistently screwed up my refills. So I went back in. I asked another girl to double check for me. Sure enough I have refills!!! How can she tell me it wasn't there. Even when I said "please check again i just had them filled by my Dr". Then of course I had to wait for persciption that I had tried to pick up twice! Please also keep in mind I have signed up for auto refills and have been getting texts telling me it's ready for me to pick it up. This is so bad and no apology and when I said something she wouldn't even look at me.
This is the last straw and shame on me for not going elsewhere instead of putting up with their abuse. I call it abuse because surely it is not rocket science to fill bottles with pills and to keep the orders straight. No wait it's not...I never had a problem before these idiots came to town.

Aug 21, 2018

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