Shoppers Drug Martincompetent service

On Nov. 25th I went to the Leila and McPhillips Shoppers Drug Mart. I went in with my husband to quickly grab stamps and some items from the cosmetic department. I went to pay and was told I stamps are only available from cashier 1. No problem, we went to stand in line. There was one person ahead of us and one person being served. The cashier for this line was servicing the self checkout line. The line behind us grew larger. When 4 other people lined up behind us, the cashier finally got back to servicing cash register 1. There looked to be something holding up the person waiting there. Another associate came up and asked everyone in line, one-by-one if she could help them at another till. I said, "I'm getting stamps." She proceeded to tell me she could help me buy my other items if I wasn't getting bus tickets, lotto or stamps. I repeated that I wanted stamps. She kept trying to take me out of line to buy my other items. I refused. She then went to the lady behind me and had the same conversation. She actually dragged the woman's cart out of line and was pulling it to another line before the woman managed to get it through to this associate that she wanted lottery tickets. The associate then just pushed her cart back into line and walked away. Another associate came by and asked everyone the same questions again, trying to get people to leave the line for another till, only to leave when told that everyone needed bus tickets, lotto or stamps. The associate standing at till 3 kept shouting to another associate that she couldn't help anyone since they all needed things only till 1 could service. Eventually a young man went onto till 2 and said he could help us. My husband left to go into his line and ask if he could sell us stamps. When he said yes, I left the line too. A couple people in line went to switch lines with me as well. The other associates started to yell at people that they had to wait in line still. Then someone asked if till 2 could give bus tickets, stamps and lottos and they said yes, so we proceeded to move to the other till. (At this time the cashier on till 1 had served 1 person). The till was still blocked off and there was no way for anyone to reach register 2. The cashier finally noticed and moved the blockade. We were finally able to reach the till. As he pulled out the stamps, he noticed our other items and asked if they were all together or not. When we said yes, he told us we couldn't buy envelops from them but had to buy them from the post office. This was after 3 separate employees, who all saw we were holding envelops failed to mention we couldn't buy them there. My husband had to walk back to the post office and purchase them while I paid for the stamps and cosmetics. We spent 10 minutes in line to purchase three items. I have worked as a retail manager for 5 years and was shocked at the incompetents of the staff. Not only was there no communication as everyone in line explained to THREE separate employees that this was the only till that could give them what they came to buy, but staff were pulling on, shouting and treating the customers like they didn't understand anything. There were associates standing behind tills helping nobody while one till had a line up of 7 people! It took 10 minutes before someone opened up another till capable of servicing their customers. This should have been done way sooner, or all tills should be able to provide all services to customers. Also why was the cashier for the only register able to give stamps helping self checkout when there seemed to be other cashiers doing nothing? The cashier was very slow too. As a retail manager myself she should have been replaced with someone quicker to complete the line or had support faster. The Cashier on cash 1 was calling over to cashier 3 for help but cashier 3 just stood behind her till. It was very frustrating as a customer to stand for 10 minutes and watch 5 employees be incompetent at their jobs and waste a lot of peoples time.

Nov 25, 2018

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