Shoppers Drug Mart / ill behaved floor associate

Ottawa, ON, Canada

I had visited the shoppers drug mart franchise in Ottawa, Ontario located at 541 Montreal Road, Ottawa ON K1K 0V1, in January 2017, where I unfortunately had the bad luck to encounter an extremely abusive and ill behaved clerk working at the front store. The belligerent individual had the nerve and audacity to be rude to me, a regular client of the store who never had any issues with store clerks or pharmacists prior. However, upon contacting the front store manager, namely Stephen, he simply praised the accused named Nathalie and refused to take any action against her. It is worrisome that a pharmacy would pick up suspicious individuals and give them jobs where they would ruin the reputation of the company. I have since severed all ties with the whole company and will never conduct any business with them nor encourage my acquaintances to do so. Shame on Shoppers for failing to monitor their franchises.

Jun 23, 2017

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