Shoppers Drug Martcustomer service

On November 26/18 I phoned to ask if I could return a box of hair colour I had purchased a week prior. I told the Customer Service associate that I did not have my receipt but that I just wanted to exchange because I had mistakenly purchased one without 100% gray coverage. She stated that nothing could be returned or exchanged without a receipt. I mentioned that I thought she could just give me the last sale price and I would purchase the right product. She stated that this would screw up their inventory. She then suggested I return the product to Walmart. I told her that I was not dishonest and would not return a item to a store where I had not purchased. I really do not think your associates should even be suggesting this practice I went out and purchased the product at another retailer and will not be shopping at this Shoppers Drugmart again.

Nov 27, 2018

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