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Shell Oil / 36 year old account closed

1 P.O.Box 689151Des Allemands, LA, United States
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Just over a week ago I received a notice in the mail concerning proposed changes of terms to my Shell gasoline credit card account. Early on in the provided literature there was a notice that account holder could opt out of the proposed changes by calling the inserted toll free telephone number. I elected to do so immediately.

I have done this on a few occasions with other credit card accounts over the years with no additional or negative affects on my account, so I was disinclined to read farther into the provided information where there was also a notice that if you opted out of the proposed changes the account would be closed.

I found out abruptly and very inconveniently the next day, however, when I attempted to purchase gasoline. Upon calling customer service when I reached home I was told that indeed my account had been shut down because of my opting out of the proposed increases in fees and other changes, and that it could not be reopened regardless of any circumstances. They said my only option was to wait for at least a month and then I could re-apply for approval of a new account, just as any new applicant would.

I have had this account active and in good standing for over thirty-six years with Shell Oil, with account balances as high as $1, 100 dollars. Obviously, all that good business and customer good will amounts to absolutely nothing.

I am not alleging that this company has done anything illegal, but I do believe that I have been treated with unnecessary disrespect and a total lack of appreciation for good business and excellent account management for over thirty-six years (account was opened in May, 1972).

I acknowledge that the error was my responsibility (not reading the change of terms notice completely and thoroughly), but there was absolutely no sensitivity or consideration provided by this company upon my providing the circumstances of my error. While this kind of behavior may not be in violation of the law, I think it is a good example of unethical business practices and also of the cold, callous and contemptuous nature that some businesses can adopt toward small accounts, especially if they suffer no significant consequences from that kind of attitude and behavior.


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