Shell / non stop pump causing overflow issue.


Today 22 January 2017, approximately at 12:25 pm, I refuel at the pump number 12,
I use the auto-mode pump to fill a full tank, I using pump number 12 to fill-up and found oil
Not stop (no auto cut off) after full tank it causes the oil has flow out from my tank.
And I told oil workers to report this case to the Shell station ( HQ )
Oil station employees can report only on Monday because today is Sunday (01/22/2017)
All Shell customer service not working. That she know that there is a toll free number to contact
And it is open 24hrs daily, it shows the station staff not well trained,
1st case this not happen to me in the same station, last year I also facing similar issue,
I make a complaint to the station workers and they will make the complaint, I did receive any reply from Shell until today .
I maybe loss of RM1 or RM2, but if no action taken if due to this issue and the fire will involve the loss or damage is greater. And maybe there is death case will happen.


Jan 21, 2017

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