Shawworst setup ever

my complaint is for the worst set up ever. i called last week to set up internet, booked an appointment for Jan, 13/2017 from 8AM-10AM for them to come in and set up internet and cable in my new apartment. guy came in and set it all up, was told good to go. i started connecting devices. my phone, roommates ipod and xbox all hooked up just fine. when i went to hook my desktop up to the wifi, it wouldnt work. so i attempted the turning everything on and off again. didnt work. so i called your customer service, first things first, do not tell me i will only wait 7 minutes for a representative and then proceed to make me wait 45 MINUTES. are you kidding me?? then to be on the phone with him for another 45 minutes with barely a solution. i am hooked up to the wifi, but the bars are so low im almost not hooked up. i am concerned that my wifi signal will drop. i dont know a whole lot about cable, or the cords and all that for internet cause i dont care. but i would appreciate someone coming in and actually explaining everything to me. i dont want a phone call, i want a real live person to come into my home and help me figure this out. and i would like it soon. not a week from now. otherwise ill be making sure none of my friends and family looking for internet and cable providers will go with shaw. ill find someone else.

Jan 13, 2017

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