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Sears - San Bernardino, CA / worst experience ever!

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Sears, San Bernardino CA, Freezer:

I purchased a Whirlpool upright freezer online from the Sears site. It was supposed to be delivered here this coming Monday. Yesterday (Friday) I started getting automated reminder calls from Sears to tell me my freezer was going to be delivered Monday, but they didn't have a delivery time for me yet, which they would have the evening before my delivery. Fine so far. Except then they wanted to know if someone over the age of 18 was going to be home when the freezer was delivered. Keep in mind this is all automated, because perish the thought Sears would have human contact me. Well, since I don't know what time the delivery will be, how can I possibly say whether or not someone will be here??? There's no human to respond to, so I just hang up.

Today, another automated call. I hang up because I can't answer their question anyway, and my plan was to just discuss it with the human (hopefully) who would call me back Sunday evening. The second call, I noticed a part of the recording that said something like, "Please be aware, we're not able to reschedule your delivery time." So I'm supposed to put my entire life on hold, and the business that I run, so I can have my freezer delivered within a two-hour time frame, granted, but I don't know what the window is until the night before. Do I cancel my appointments? Do I tell my son to skip school for the day? Should my husband stay home from work?

I call up Sears Home Delivery again to see if I can locate a warm body. My call is disconnected before I can even speak with anyone.

I call back. Finally, a human, stateside. Except she just doesn't grasp what I'm saying. I explain that their recording is asking me for something that I don't have (whether or not someone over 18 will be here), and that I don't want to get these phone reminders. I'm trying to explain that if I don't answer the recording's messages, I'll keep getting the reminder calls. She keeps telling me that they won't know the time until the evening before. I KNOW THAT, for heaven's sake!!! On the other hand, I don't want to keep getting these reminders because I'm not answering their automated question!!! By now I'm so frustrated and angry, I'm crawling out of my skin. Still, while I sound angry, I'm not yelling and I'm not cussing (perhaps I should have). I tell her we're not communicating very well, and I'd like to speak with her supervisor. Instead of patching me through to a supervisor, she proceeds to argue with me and tell me we're communicating just fine and why don't I think we're communicating very well? I repeatedly ask for a supervisor (at least 5 times), and she just keeps arguing with me. Finally, I hang up on her.

I call back and speak with a new woman and angrily tell her I'm canceling my order. She asks why. I tell her briefly. She apologizes and takes my cancellation.

Customer Service 101: At this point, you give the customer to a superviser who can, hopefully, talk the customer out of cancelling the sale by listening to the customer vent, soothing the customer, abjectly apologizing for the customer's experience with assurances the employee will be dealt with, and potentially averting the cancellation of the sale at the very least, and the loss of a customer and the potential loss of every person that customer shares their experience with at worst.

Nope. Just, "I'm sorry you feel that way, here's your cancellation." I just now realized I received no confirmation number. Dang. That means I'll likely get a call tomorrow night confirming my delivery... and my card will not be refunded without another go 'round with Sears. Dang.

I'll never shop there again (and I was getting ready to buy a high-end stove and refrigerator in the next month), and I'm in advertising and marketing, so I will be happy to broadcast my experience to everyone who will listen.

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