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Sears PartsDirect / order cancellation policy

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I ordered a vaccum part on line. Two hours later I found that the part was not needed. I called to cancel the order but they said that it was their policy not to cancel or change any orders.
This policy is not displayed on the on-line ordering site until after your credit card number is given and the order is confirmed. Only then do they have a "How do I cancel my order" link that takes you somewhere that says that you can't cancel or change the order.
The answer from their customer service department was that they had to have this policy in order to get the parts to me in a timely manner. Parts that I don't want quickly! Now that's service!

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  • Sl
      30th of Sep, 2009
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    Same happened with me! I ordered a part and some one else did to so i emailed them to cancel one and got the same reply... Searching online it seems like they make some exceptions...

  • Ri
      8th of Oct, 2009
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    from your web site I ordered a repair manual Part number- 530165765.
    I recieved the operators manual which I already have that came with the chain saw.
    I still would like the repair manual if that is available.
    The chainsaw that I purchaced is Craftsman Model # 358.350810-18 in chain
    Richard Muhlbradt
    29 - 30 St. SW
    Minot, ND 58701
    If you do not have it please credit my charge acct. that I paid for the OPERATORS MANUAL

  • Jo
      16th of Sep, 2010
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    I order two small parts on 9/12/10 and were not due to arrived until 9/20. Then the same day I cancel the order and this is what I received from Sears: I never saw the message that the parts were not refundable until I received their message. They definetely need to improve their website and put this information in BOLD LETTERS so customer to see it.

    We have reviewed your part order and found that the parts are in the
    process of being shipped on September 13, 2010 from the vendor. We are
    unable to cancel an order once it has processed. Upon further review of
    the part order we have found that the parts are marked as non returnable
    parts. Once a non returnable part is order, it is unable to be returned
    for credit.

  • Ra
      29th of Oct, 2010
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    I am quite ticked off about Sears Canada. Believe me...everywhere is the same. With this particular instance, I ordered 4 filters for my Kenmore Fridge for the sum of just over $450 and they were sent to the wrong address. For me to rectify the problem, I had to place the order again and call a different number to refund me the original amount debited to my credit card (It is the worst set up as their departments are kept in silos - customer service can only accept complaints but do not have the authority or ability to make any refunds). So I ordered for the 2nd time, and they still shipped it to the wrong address. To top it all off, I still have been debited roughly $900 and have not received anything yet (8 weeks after). Now they tell me I have to order again (what a f'n vicious circle they put me in). I have left like 20 messages to the refund department but they have not made any attempt to call me back. It has been roughly 8 weeks without filtered water. If I get sick/typhoid due to unfiltered/contaminated water, I am getting their a$$ sued. I am on my way to claw back some money through my credit card. I encourage everyone to not buy at Sears if you have the choice as it has degraded its customer service throughout the years.

  • Se
      29th of Dec, 2010
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    I originally called the local Sears store and asked if they had a water filter for my refrigerator, they took my number and said they would call back. A few minutes later they called back and said NO they didn't have one and gave me the Sears Parts number. I called and ordered a water filter for my refrigerator. Five minutes later the local store called back and said they had one. I called the 1800 number back and was unable to cancel my order. They explained that once the order is placed it is charged and shipped immediately. This happened on the 23rd. They stated I would receive my part on the 27th. Nonetheless, my card was charged on the 23rd and no part received yet (27th). I called and they said that the part still hasn't shipped. I said isn't it customary to charge once the order is shipped? Also, this doesn't make any sense because the whole reason I couldn't cancel was because they processed and shipped right away. I called Sears back and explained I am cancelling my Sears Credit Card and will no longer do business with them again. They are very rude and should not be in business.

  • Ks
      28th of Feb, 2011
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    Seriously a company that huge and having these hidden policies is unacceptable. I too ordered a part from them a couple of weeks ago. When I placed an order it showed that an item was in stock. Paid for an overnight shipping. After not receiving my part in the next 5 days I got mad and called them to complain. Their reply: the part is in back order. WTF? It was in stock when I ordered it. Asked to cancel it and refund money - they refused. I immediately called my credit card company to dispute the charge. My bank confirmed that I would get my money back in 2days. I will keep this updated.

  • St
      9th of Jun, 2011
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    I ordered part #279769 from Sears parts direct. After waiting 9 days with no order information or shipping I called. They tried to tell me the item was in research because its no longer in stock. I googled the part number to learn there were at least 3 or 4 other places to purchase it for less than $10 including all shipping. Sears will not credit my purchase and they not only wanted $45 for the same part they also charged me out of state tax.

  • Em
      1st of Jan, 2012
    +1 Votes

    DO NOT BUY FROM SEARS PARTS DIRECT. I wish I would have come to this site sooner. I am currently experiencing the same headaches and time wasted as everyone else. They sold me a part that I found out NO LONGER EXISTS, and continue to this day to tell me it's on backorder. Once, the website showed it had been shipped and was at my house, but when I called and was transferred six times over an hour, they finally said it was still on backorder. I have spent hours over multiple days on the phone with "customer service" who only read from a script and say whatever they need to buy to company more time to not deliver the part or refund my money. My order has been cancelled for over a week and a half, but no credit has been issued even though it was "guaranteed" in my account within three days, and I continue to get backorder emails. While a relatively small amount of money, I will be making a report to the AG. If you need a part, find a local place or go directly to the manufacturer or authorized dealer. DO NOT SHOP HERE.

  • Se
      2nd of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    very poor customer service relations you call them they cant tell you nothing or tell you to call another number an it seems to be a circle of excuses an no answers to your questions i wouls advise never deal with them go else where for parts

  • Ma
      25th of Jul, 2012
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    I ordered a part from Sears Parts Direct... paid the premium cost to have it shipped upon the date of arrival the part did not arrive...i waited a day later and the part still had not arrived... i called and they stated that the part was not going to ship until 20 days later!!! can you believe that?!?! after I said i'd like to cancel the fact they said they could not cancel the part... my issue was.. why then did you not call me, or email me or get in contact with me by any other manner. ..THEY STILL REFUSED TO CANCEL MY ORDER!!! PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DO NOT ORDER OR DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY... THEY ARE A FRAUD!! AND DO NOT KEEP THEIR PART OF THE VERBAL CONTRACT!!! DON'T BOTHER TO ORDER BECAUSE THEY WILL MORE THAN LIKELY NOT HAVE THE PART AND IF ITS A PART YOU DESPARATELY NEED...FORGET IT!!! FORGET THIS SERVICE AND GO WITH ANOTHER COMPANY!!!

  • Ji
      10th of Apr, 2015
    0 Votes

    I ordered mower blades for my Sears riding mower and a belt for the mower deck. I received the blades, they didn't fit the mower deck. I never received the belt for the mower deck. So far I'm out 60 some dollars have blades I can't use and no belt for the mower deck. I'm exploring all recourses that I have. There is not a phone number to call to try and trace your order.

  • Ji
      21st of Apr, 2015
    0 Votes

    We paid about $600 for a top line dishwasher and while we got a good deal on it and were very pleased with it the design of certain parts was faulty and soon we had to baby the top rack so it would not fall on top of the dishes on the bottom rack. After talking to the local Sears store that we purchased the dishwasher at I opted to order the parts and fix it myself. Talking to the Customer Service there we looked up the part and he followed the suggestions to the tee. It looked like you needed to order the parts individually instead of a full set but what was not clear was that it came as a set. Imagine our slight annoyance when we opened the two small boxes and saw two of the same sets came the same day and taped together. Now after installing one full set which I admit was a whole lot easier than I had thought it was going to be we still have one full set... that we don't need and would like to return... but where and exactly too whom? The return address on the label says IRC 8961, 1500 Roe Street, Dallas TX 75215 yet to search for that I am seeing complaint page after complaint page... I am old school you order a part at a store and if you get either a defective part or you get an unneeded part you return it to the store. Not so now you order it at the store on a site where even the workers cannot really understand the directions on the internet and you end up getting extra you cannot take them back you have to send them to whomever when you find them. Looks like I will be complaining on Facebook that is sure to get Sears attention no one likes to look bad on social media! Sears some of your products and your prices are great well mostly but wise up and what the heck is with they no cash policy... the salesman took my cash put it on a card then ran the card. Seems like a lot of work instead of just taking cash and making change... shoot I would have given him exact change instead of him having to search for it. Making it way too complicated.

  • An
      21st of Feb, 2016
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    why was i shipped a filter MWF i did not order...rosemarte miranda 7186374283

  • Sc
      17th of Jun, 2016
    +1 Votes
    Sears PartsDirect - Never use Sears for anything, they are idiots
    United States

    Called the 800 number for a part. They sent me to a store in Albany NY, 40 miles from my home. The store was no longer in business. Called back and was promised a $25 gift card for my trouble. Never received it, can't even get the idiots at Sears to admit that this even happened. NEVER USE SEARS FOR ANYTHING, THEY ARE IDIOTS!!!

  • Re
      8th of Jan, 2018
    +1 Votes

    I see why there closing all of the stores

  • Jo
      22nd of Aug, 2018
    +1 Votes

    I ordered some exercise machine parts from them. They were shown to be in stock when ordered. They arrived months later. I am in the exercise parts business and can still use the parts, however, these parts are now purchased from a more reliable vendor (which could be almost any other supplier). I will never place another order with Sears. My experience is that almost every item they claim to have in stock is not. What a sad ending for a once great company.

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