Sears Outletno communication

i and my wife went to this store to buy an electrolux 27 inch wall oven wave touch tm controls item 022228103000ew27ew55gs on520 o9 was told it would be there in i week. went back in 4 days and got no help or responce after waiting 45 minutes waiting and was told that it was not ther yet, we returned countless times and got the same lack of respect buy the darrel guy and a nother lady, and was told that i would be contacted apon arival.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Charlotte, NCit has now been 6 weeks and still iget the same lack of respect when i or my wife when i go there, i would think that by now with the current econinic times that your store could come up with a little bit of courtesyand at least make some effort to get what i want to buy. if not i can certainly buy one elsewere there by getting what i need elseware and not considering doing any more business with sears, a long with all the other people i know who can not beleive the way you have treated us after all the other business i have done with you in the past. sorry it has came to this and i hope this can be worked out. the sale price was 999.99 and i do hope we can do something better to make up for this hassle, thank you, paul peterson 10117 zackery avenue charlotte nc 28277 cell [protected] or home [protected]

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