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I kept getting emails from Sears saying I had $25 in surprise points so I finally decided to use them. While trying to place an order online the points would not show up so I called Sears and was told I did have these points and I could place the order on the phone. I ended up ordering 3 different shirts, a pair of slacks and a pair of PJs for my Grandson's Christmas gift and had them shipped directly to him in another state. I purchased $35 worth to avoid a shipping fee. It took about an hour to make the order... I should have read the writing on the wall then and not ordered! About 5 to 10 minutes later I get a confirmation email for the order. The slacks were not ordered at all. They also had ordered 2 of one shirt and another shirt was sent to the correct street address but wrong state! I immediately called and was told there wasn't anything they could do about it. They said once the order is placed it's unstoppable. They knew they made the mistakes but it was now MY problem. The shirt that was sent to the wrong state would probably be sent back to them and if it was I could contact them for a refund. If I wanted the slacks I would need to pay full shipping rates on them and the 2 shirts just alike? Go stand in line at the store and get my money back! So much for the ease of shopping online. Since that time I have spent hours on the phone and chat trying to just get the shirt that was sent to the wrong state shipped out correctly but they will not do that. They want me to order it and pay as much for shipping as the shirt costs and trust them to refund the shipping fee. Ha! I was told once they were crediting my card for the full amount of the shirt but after waiting a week they credited me .78 cents and put the rest in an online account I can use. It's funny the PJs were only given a 3 cent discount but the shirt they mailed incorrectly was credited almost completely. I could go on about all the things they said they would do but didn't, how totally uncaring they are, etc. but I'm fed up! Let them keep the $7. They must need it. I will never, ever, buy another item from them. EVER!!

Dec 15, 2015

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