Sears Kenmore Washerlack of service


I received a letter from Sears that they were upgrading my Kenmore Oasis washer at no charge to me. The were going to replace the control board. I called Sears and they said the part was out of stock but would ship one to my house and when I received it to call them to schedule a service man to exchange the part in the machine.
When the part came in I call Sears and they would be out on Tuesday. The wife and I were going on vacation that week and moved our departure date to Wednesday of that week. The service showed up around 12:30 in the afternoon and exchanged the part. Actual time was about 10 minutes and about 15 doing his paper work. A few minutes after he left the wife started to do the laundry and the machine ran for about 2 minutes, made a loud strange noise and popped the circuit breaker. I reset the breaker but the machine was completely dead. I looked at the called ID since he had called a few minutes before he showed up and call the number but it seems like they have the service technician's cell phone blocked to incoming calls. I called the service department and explain the problem and wish they would get hold of the technician to return to the house and install my old part in the machine since there was no problems with my old part. I made about three calls that afternoon and the technician never called but I suspect he was never called. The earliest they claimed they could get a technician out to the house was the following Tuesday even thought it was their fault that the washing machine was dead. I called several times on Wednesday morning and kept getting the runaround.
I made arrangement to have someone at the house the following Tuesday to let the technician have access to the machine. He replaced their defective part and the machine has been working fine.
What upsets me is not that the part they installed went bad but with all the different persons I spoke to on the phone and their attitude. They acted like it was not their problem and could care less if the problem was resolved.
I worked as a service manager for about 15 years and the main goal was to do whatever was necessary to keep the customer satisfy. It is a lot cheaper to keep old customers that to get new one. All washers, dryers, air conditioners, refrigerators, stoves and lawn equipment I have purchased at Sears over the 45 years of marriage but no longer will I buy any of their products because their service has deteriorated to the point that it is a joke.
A couple of weeks later I got a call from a Sears rep about buying a service contract on the washer. I told him that their level of service was unacceptable and when the machine went bad I would replace it with a machine from anyplace other than Sears. Sears has lost me as a customer forever.

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