Sears Kenmore / refrigerator/ general attitude

Rye Brook, NY, United States

I am done with sears... They stink, and deserve to go out of business.
I bought a high end kenmore refrigerator (manufactured for sears by lg,) just under 4 years ago, and the compressor the past, the sealed system carried a 5 year warranty, which they no longer do.
The 1st answer I got from a supervisor at sears customer service was "well, you should have bought the service plan" - reall?!?
I just got off the phone with an even more senior person (A woman that was actually located in the u. S., that confirmed that sears will not stand behind this product and also said the following: sears doesn't set the warranty terms, their suppliers do - bs - the warranty on the lg branded model of the same machine is 5 or possibly 10 years for the sealed system. She also said that, now get this, that america put sears in this situation, because everyone wants something for nothing, and that's why sears is in financial trouble now.
Guess what? Screw sears, I will never buy anything from them or k-mart again, and will do my absolute best to blow them up on the internet.
They were always know as a company that marketed quality goods at fair (Fair, not cheap) prices and stood behind those products, especially the ones that carried their brand, such as kenmore and craftsman (Which the senior rep also told me was a thing of the past); their reputation meant something to them. Now, not so much, I guess.
I wonder how much their executives are compensated and whether the name sears will be relevant in the near future.
I'm done... And urge everyone else to be done with sears, too.

Jun 9, 2015

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