Sears Kenmore Oasis WasherDoesn't get clothes clean


When our washer of 18 years finally started to give out, my husband and I decided to go to Sears to purchase a new washer and dryer. After looking at many makes and models, we decided on the Kenmore Oasis Washer and Dryer. They were touted as extremely energy efficient, saving water, etc. After a few weeks of use, I noticed the clothes were not getting clean like they did with our old washer. Even when I used Shout to treat stains, the stains still remained. On several occasions, I would take the clothes out after they were supposedly clean, and there would be dry spots on some of them, indicating that the water didn't even saturate them. This takes saving water to a new level. I don't believe the clothes are agitated enough because there is no center agitator. The whole drum just rotates back and forth. So the clothes in the middle don't mix well. I called Sears to complain that the washer was not cleaning properly. Also, the dryer takes two cycles to completely dry the clothes (not very energy efficient).
Sears reply was that they would send out a repairman. I told them I didn't need the washer repaired because technically it wasn't broken. They said that's all they could do. So the repairman came out and, of course tested to see if the washer was functioning, and of course, it was. He also said that they dryer hose may be clogged between the wall and the outside vent, which would cause the clothes to not dry properly. We checked the vent hose all the way to the outside and it was clear.

I have never had such a problem with a washer/dryer, even the cheapest ones I owned back in the 70's. I have written Sears Customer Service a letter requesting a replacement washer/dryer or a refund on this set. I have had them 10 months, so the 90 day warranty is no longer in effect. But considering that a washer/dryer should last approx. 20 years, I can't see using this product for another day longer than I have to. They really should recall or stop selling this product. I have read other complaints about it similar to mine. Thank you.

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