Sears Kenmore Elite Fridge / Lighting stays on


I purchased a Kenmore Elite Trio refrigerator almost 3years ago. It is model # 795.[protected] and cost approximately $2300. It worked fine until about one year ago. It stopped running and gave the error message ER FF. The manual was no help but after researching on the internet I found that the FF was for freezer fan. The problem was that ise build up had caused the freezer fan to stop turning. This had happened to a number of people and the fix was to use a hair dryer to defrost the back of the fridge. I have had to do this a total of three times since May of this year...this is annoying and obviously a design error on LG's part (this model is made for Sears by LG). Although this has been annoying and inconvenient I have lived with it.

Then a few weeks ago I received a letter witha check for $3.55 from LG explaining that the energy usage of the fridge had been misrepresented and that thia was a check to cover the average cost of the difference between the reported energy use and what it actually uses. They will schedule a modification to correct the energy usage and will send yearly checks as well. I have yet to receive anyhting about when the modification will take place. I am a reasonable person and so I accepted this problem also. I have not cashed th check yet as I am a little wary of doing so because when you do you are releasing LG and Sears from any other claims to which the payment relates. I was thinking about it but then todaysomehitng else happens.

I opened my fridge and could smell a burning plastic smell. After a little investigation I discovered that the lights are now remaining on in the interior of the fridge. they had gottne so hot that the plastic surrounding the light casing had begun to melt, not to mention that my fridge was running at full capacity continually to combat the extra heat that was being produced inside the fridge. I once again turned to the internet and have discovered that this is an ongoing problem with many LG and Kenmore Elite fridges. I am not alone, in fact many unhappy and angry consumers such as myself have posted about this. This also seems to have been a problem for LG as they actually had a recall for fridges withe the same problem back in 2005.

So I call Sears...they of course are very sorry and will be happy to send someone out to my home to repair it for $75 plus the cost of parts and labor or if I buy a one year warranty for $261...neither of which are acceptable for an obvious manufacturer defect. I then call LG since the modrators on these boards have pointed out that Sears may sell th item but LG makes it so they should be the ones who provide the resolution to the problem. Well big surprise LG says it should be covered by Sears. In the letter with the above mentioned check from LG they state that the expected useful life of their product (ie. the fridge they produced) should be about 14 years. Hmmm...this is far from the 3 years I am getting.

I saw talk on one or two websites about a possible class action lawsuit of which I would be happy to join at this point. These fridges are obviously covered in design flaws and even downright dangerous as some have cause small fires due to the light problem. What does Sears and LG intend to do about this??? I look forward to an answer as I continue to search the internet, make calls and write e-mails about this issue until I get some resolution.


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