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Sears Home Delivery / bad delivery service

1 Melrose Park, IL, United States

I am writing to tell you about the worst experience I have ever had with any business. On May 2, 2008, My boyfriend and I bought a washer and dryer from your Sears outlet in Melrose Park, IL. We set up the delivery for 5/25/2008. On the 25th, the delivery came as scheduled, however when the installer hooked up the washer, it was leaking water everywhere! Instead of taking it back right away when he was there, he told us we had to go all the way to the store and settle the issue there. We went back to the store and spoke to Juan the supervisor who said that he would give us a new washer and this time it would be tested. I understand that the outlet store products are not brand new but you don't test them to make sure they work before giving them to a paying customer?!

Juan then said that the earliest they could bring the new washer and take the old washer would be on wednesday the 28th. We explained that we would not be home during the day and he said that he would put in a request for evening delivery, since a working washer should have been there the 25th.

On the 28th, I received a call from the delivery men at 9am stating they were in front of my house! I called the delivery company in which you work with and explained that it was an evening delivery and Laura said that there was no such thing as an evening delivery and that they delivery company tells me when they wanna come! Well, I believe that if I buy a product from you and you give me one that doesn't work than I should be accomodated a little better. Laura was very unhelpful and rude. I asked what the point was of having an evening request if no one was going to honor it. Needless to say, I did not get my washer that day. After this horrible experience, we went back to the store to get out money back because we no longer wanted anything from Sears. The extremely incompetant worker at the store said there would be no refund without the washer and dryer and they did not know when they could come and get it!! So I couldn't get my money back without giving the products back, but no one could come get the products!!! That was the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard. Since we really did not have a choice, my boyfriend and I decided to reschedule the delivery considering we had no way to wash our clothes. We set up the delivery for Saturday the 31st.

At 5:30 pm on the 31st, there was still no washer or delivery men! I called the delivery company, who transfered me to someone in Arizona, that said "Oh Ya, Im sorry. The delivery isn't coming today". Not one person called to tell me that the delivery wasn't coming that day. Here we are waiting all day for our washer and its not coming but no one felt the need to inform us that they would not be giving us the washer that we paid for. When I asked why it was not going to be delivered, the person I was speaking with(Jennifer) told me that she had no idea why and had no way of finding out why your store was not delivering my product! I am really glad that the people that take care of customer service have no idea how to tell a customer why she is not getting the washer that has already been paid for. When I told her that I would just go to the store and get the washer, Jennifer stated that she did not know where my washer was and there was no one there who could find out. At this point I was livid and extremely upset. How can a company take you rmoney for a product and then refuse to give it to you?!! Not only refuse to give it to you but not tell you why?

A short while later, Jennifer called me back to tell me that the reason I was not getting my washer was because someone overseas had screwed up. She then explained that the earliest delivery date was June 3rd, which was a tues. I was going to be at work that tues, so the earliest I could now have the washer delivered was june 7th! That is 18 days after buying the washer!!!

The next day(Sun) I called the Sears store and spoke with Barb. I told her my situation and told her I would be coming to get the washer as opposed to delivery. She checked with the warehouse and told me that the washer was there and I could pick it up. My boyfriend and I had to borrow a truck to go and pick it up. When we arrived at the store, the washer we had picked out had a huge dent in the front that had not been there before!! The nightmare continues!!! Barb said that we could not exchange the washer. So after waiting almost 2 weeks for a washer, we have go home with a damaged one. Honestly, By this point I didn't even care, as long as I never had to deal with Sears or there delivery company again!

A few days later, A delivery truck pulls in front of our house and is supposed to be deliverying our washer!!! Because we are honest people we informed the delivery men that we already had our washer. We could have been dishonest and kept the extra washer for out troubles.

I have never wrote a letter complaining of a business before but this experience was just too horrific to keep to my self. During all this trouble and inconvenience, not one person from you store offer to compensate us in any way. We spent a lot of money on this washer and dryer and feel that we should be refunded some of our money back. Plus we had to go and pick up the washer ourselves, yet we still paid for delivery fees!!! I have since had friend looking to go to Sears for products, but after hearing my experience, they decided to go elswhere. I want you to know that I will NEVER, EVER shop at ANY Sears for ANYTHING again! I am completely disgusted with your store and the way you do business. I will also be forwarding this letter to the Better Business Bureau if possible. I understand that your delivery service is contracted but they are still using you company name(Sears Home Delivery). I believe that either Sears or the delivery service should be more accomodating and I would like to be fairly compensated for the stress, inconvenience, and trouble that was caused.


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