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Sears Canada / sears canada handling charge rip-off

1 Canada Review updated:

By phone I ordered a vertical blind from Sears Canada, delivery of which would be 2 days hence. Within 15 minutes I realized having ordered the wrong size and immediately called back to cancel the first and order the proper size. The operator advised she could not cancel as it had not yet gone to shipping and I should call the next day. For whatever reason I forgot to call and the 2 blinds showed up on the expected date whereupon I refused the first.

When I received my statement it showed the original order and the return was credited to my account, however the $2.00 handling charge was still applied. I called Sears and they advised the charge would be reversed this time only and said that should I ever make a mistake in the future I would be stuck with the fee.

This was confirmed by Sears Customer Service whom also stated they have had numerous complaints on this subject. In fact she seemed amused that customers were angry. Further she told me the person taking thee second order should have switched me to Customer service who could have canceled the first order.

Well I have had a Sears card for over 35 years, but I don't any longer.

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  • El
      1st of Mar, 2008
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    Sears do what they do best... provide grossly inferior customer service and lie!

  • De
      1st of Mar, 2008
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    Sears is a rip off, PERIOD.

  • Va
      9th of Sep, 2008
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    Sears Canada - they do not back their products
    Sears Canada
    United States

    I hate SEARS. Never buy from them because they do not stand by there products.

    I bought a mattress and box spring from Sears in 2017. Now the bed is wire frame is broken and it is sagging very badly.

    Sears sent a man to look at the mattress and he took pictures and wrote all the problems down. He said that he would be submitting everything that day which was a Friday.

    Monday comes and I get a call that I bought the bed in 1993 and they would not cover anything on the bed.

    My husband called to inform them that the mattress was purchased in 2017 and we paid full price. The mattress also comes with a 10 year none pro-rated warranty.

    So my husband called to inform this to them and he was told the computer is down and that someone should be calling the next day.

    So here is the next day and I phoned just to get everything moving. I was informed that someone from another department will be looking at the file and get back in a couple days.

    I asked to speak to the person who takes who will be looking into it and was told they do not speak to the public. So I asked for a supervisor and was told everyone in that department is a supervisor and I have called the highest department. Boy what a joke.

    In the spring my dryer that I purchased from them broke down. So I called service to get is fixed. After 4 different service men came it was still not working. Again no one would speak to me on this matter.

    I am disabled and taking my clothes to the laundry mat is not very easy. I informed Sears of this and I got sorry.

    How can a company send 4 different service men with at least one to two weeks apart and not be able to fix my dryer. I was told in an email from

    Sears that would get a $40.00 gift certificate for my troubles.

    I never got the gift certificate and my husband fixed the dryer.

    So here I sit waiting and waiting for Sears to do the right thing. (Ha ha what a joke)

    Never again will I buy any major item from them.

  • Ka
      9th of Sep, 2008
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    Sears Canada - not professional
    United States

    I expected more from a big company. I booked for carpet cleaning and they confirmed twice (which was good) to come on a specific date. With that date in mind, I got help and moved all our furniture from the living room into the kitchen so that the carpets can be cleaned properly. On the day they were suppose to come, they called and said that no one can show up and that the next available date is 4 or 5 days away! With the kitchen full of our living furniture, we can't cook or anything. What an inconvenience!!

    Their excuse was that someone called in sick. I expected more from a big company. You think they are more organized then to let someone calling in sick ruin someones week.

  • Le
      20th of Sep, 2008
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    4 months ago I purchased a patio set a few days ago the table top shattered called customer service only to be told glass is not covered under warranty so i'm stuck with 6 chairs and no table top kind of hard to have supper the food keeps falling on the patio oh! by the way she told me I could bring it to a local glass place they could replace that for me at my cost!! SEARS REALLY STANDS BY THEY'RE CUSTOMERS!!! I've been a sears card holder for some 15 years but that is about to change I have never called to complain about anything in 15 years and never will again because they have just lost a customer NEVER AGAIN

  • Ro
      9th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I would never even set foot in a Sears store or buy any product from them ever again. I have been a customer for 45 years and now have realized this is not the same company that it was years ago. I have a freezer that started acting up after 15 months, of course three months after the warranty. I had to purchase a warranty for $100. They have been out 6 times and the problem is not fixed. It will be 8 weeks from when they first came out to when the will come back with the part that is backordered.
    The repairman never even came in with any test equipment, they just guessed.
    I have a Elite Gas/electric stove, 7 years old and I have fixed it 7 times now. The plastic parts break off, the knobs are loose and the top is a nightmare to clean. I paid $1700 for this "Elite" series and I wouldn't take a free product from them.
    Don't ever buy a Sears product or purchase a service agreement. You will totally regret that purchase for the rest of your life. Sears, you should be totally ashamed of the treatment you give customers. I hope you go bankrupt

  • To
      31st of Jan, 2009
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    Sears Canada - awful experience
    Sears Canada
    United States

    We have maintained Sears service contract for our dishwasher since purchasing it five years ago. When it spontaneously caught fire in early December, Sears was unable to help or advise, so we contacted the US manufacturer, who told us how to disconnect it.

    The manufacturer's Canadian division told us they could have sent a technician the same day but that their contract with Sears meant they could not help us.

    Sears booked a service call for two weeks later. The day prior a representative called to reconfirm the appointment but the following day nobody turned up.

    Another appointment was made for the following week but the technician they sent was not expecting to see a dishwasher and asked if the appliance was electric. He said he needed to order parts, which would take 4 weeks.

    4 weeks later a customer service representative called to say that they did not yet have the part and that it would take a further 4-6 weeks to find out if such a part was even available, and that making another appointment for service was not possible at this time.

    We will have been washing dishes by hand for over 3 months if this is eventually resolved according to what Sears have told us, while we continue to pay a worthless service fee.

    My advice: 1. Never buy an appliance from Sears; 2. Do not maintain service agreements -- we have paid over $600 over 5 years and would have done better to junk the machine and use that money to buy new.

  • Se
      6th of Feb, 2009
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    That really sucks. You are paying for a service agreement yet they're not helping you out at all.
    I'm actually quite disappointed with Sears too - i've always had good experiences with them, until recently when we also had a problem with our dishwasher. It's leaking and no one seems to be able to fix it. Two months later and Sears is now phoning the day that a service call was scheduled to tell me that surprise surprise, the technician can't make it today! I asked to speak to a manager, and hey guess what - they're all in a meeting! Can i get their phone number? Sorry, no you have to call the 1-800 number and talk to a representative. Thanks Sears! I'll be in a huge hurry to pay $85 for the "extended" warranty.

  • Co
      16th of Jun, 2009
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    Sears Canada - stolen ellipitical
    Sears Canada Inc
    Northwest Territories

    In December 2017 we purchased from sears an expensive Ellipitical trainner. In November 2017 with 11 months of use it developed a bad grinding noise in the spinning wheel weight location. We contacted Sears service desk and were told that they normally would have someone come by but because we are in Yellowknife NWT that we would have to take it to the local Depot for shipping out for repair. We did as instructed. In LateJanunary 2017 we started to inquire where the unit was. After several calls and talking to the owner of the local depot we were informed that it had indead been repaired and shipped back but was damaged in shipping and had to be returned once again for repair. This went on 3 times with it being damaged in shipping each time and returned. The last time was in March 2017. After inquiring where it was then we were told it was repaired and waiting shipping back north as at the time the winter road across the Mackenzie River was out and it would be a month or untill the Ferry was back in operation. After impatiently waiting since March and with multiple phone / email inquiries we have gotten no farther in getting our Ellipitical back. Each phone call bring appologies and promises to get back right away to us. No one ever does. I phoned once and asked what it was going to take to get this resolved and mentioned if maybe a legal case would get some action, I was proptly hung up on. I keep requesting that they just ship a new one or refund my money to buy another and all I get is stalling.
    I guess in short all I can say is DONT buy Sears, They have no Customer service. You cant even get past the service desk to talk to someone in charge.
    I am presently researching how to take them to small claims court as I cant seem to get any where in the regular system.

  • La
      2nd of Oct, 2009
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    Sears Canada - refregirator
    222 Datas Drive
    Phone: (705) 517-0222

    In August of 2017 we purchased a refregirator from Sears Canada. This GE model we found later was made in Mexico. This was a $2700. plus taxes purchase. It is the model with a freezer with 2 doors opening at the upper level and the freezer at as a bottom drawer.

    Three months after our purchase, we had the right door replaced due to the top latch being broken. Another six months later we had the left door replaced for the same reason.
    This past year, we had to get the both doors seals replaced due to the fact that the temperature for both the refregirator and freezer was and is still fluctuating by sometimes 10 degrees withing a few hours and this without any particular reason although it seems that the warmer the temperature outside...the warmer inside. Or sometimes for no reason that we can figure.
    While the doors seals were replaced, the service person told us that the thermostast also needed to be replaced and this was done one week later.
    Some foods on the top shelve frequently freezes. When I asked the Sears Service person, I was told that this is what happens caused by the freezer being at the bottom?
    My husband and I are now considering taking that refrigirator and painting it Yellow...after putting it outside on the curb for everyone to see...On the doors would be a Great Big Sign stating "THIS REFREGIRATOR WAS PURCHASED @ SEARS CANADA...WHICH DOES NOT STAND BY THEIR PRODUCTS"

  • Al
      2nd of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    If Sears will not exchange this for you,
    then you should consider organizing all your service receipts and taking Sears to small claims court (or the Canadian equivalent).
    There is no way you can lose, considering what you've been through!

  • Ji
      21st of Oct, 2009
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    purchase a sears lawn mower june 2017 oct 2017 the mower is leaking gas. It went to a repair shop and was fixed but they told it was not because of the mower. I told them it was their mower and it leaked, I did not get warranty even if it was under the two years.IT cost me about 76.00 and they charge me for a new air filter went I did not even want it. DO'NOT buy SEARS

  • Jc
      27th of Oct, 2009
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    Sears Canada - sub-standard appliances
    Sears Canada - Catalogue

    From April to August we took delivery of 4 Jenn Air downdraft ranges. Each of the first three deliveries presented an appliance that had ill-fitting oven doors. Because of the slant of the door, the seal was not adequate which resulted in a heat loss at the top end of the door. The only feedback we received from Sears and/or Jenn Air was that over time the seal material would compress and the door would eventually straighten out. The fourth appliance was delivered with a proper fitting door (yeah!) However, right before my eyes, the Sears carriers dropped it from the back of their vehicle onto the ground. There were a number of visible breakages (knobs etc) and who knows what damage was sustained internally. The carrier wanted us to accept the delivery and they would send a repair technician around to fix it. When we refused to take delivery of the damaged appliance we were informed that they (Sears) would not be re-ordering a stove for us. Needless to say we didn't go back for yet another assault on our senses.

  • Aj
      21st of Nov, 2009
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    Sears Canada - lack of action re: service agreemnt
    Sear Canada

    Sears lack of customer service, lies, and dis-information

    Several of my acquaintances have suffered the “frustrating maze that is customer service at Sears” as mentioned in the 2017-08-19 complaint submitted by “Kenmore No More”.

    My experience with the automatons who answer phones at the customer dis-service provided by Sears is that their conduct is disgraceful. The operators who receive the calls repeat endlessly such platitudes as “I am so sorry to hear of your experience” etc. Every time I call, and unfortunately I am forced to call often.

    Service representatives were sent out on the wrong days (leaving the customer waiting for 8 hours each time). Two illustrations of Sears’s dis-service techniques are as follows.

    Maribeth of London has an LT clothes dryer that has ceased to function on three occasions. After lengthy mix ups about when the service contractor would arrive – she was told to “hang her clothes out on a clothes line.” I will encourage her to write on this site.

    When my GE refrigerator ceased to function, twice within 3 months of the purchase date, I was told, after three mix ups of when the service representative who was supposed be at my house turned up once on the wrong date, and in other cases, not at all, that a representative would be arriving 19 days after the refrigerator ceased to function.
    Obviously on both occasions that the refrigerator ceased to function the food in the refrigerator had to be scrapped. Eventually I was told by the customer dis-service representative to “put the food in another refrigerator.” (That is not a bad idea, I should get another refrigerator from somewhere other than Sears).

    I am open to advice about how to penetrate such a cleverly hidden group who constitute the Sears dis-service department. Finding someone in Sears to probe these situations is daunting. I will, of course, try the Better Business Bureau and see if I can craft a letter outlining the situation to publish in newspapers.

    I will appreciate hearing from others who have similar experiences with Sear’s Product, Service and Customer Service. Sometimes there is strength in numbers.

  • Se
      1st of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Sears is a disgrace. Here is our experience.
    We bought a new set of kitchen appliances from Sears on June 7, 2017. The oven worked for 2 weeks and then went dead. Three visits by Sears repairmen have served no useful purpose: Each one ordered a part that does not solve the problem. Each time they forgot us, and it was necessary to waste hours on the phone being transfer from a useless “customer representative” to another to get another repairman to show up and repeat the going through the motions pantomime. We have been without an oven for almost half a year now.

    Sears servicemen also damaged our kitchen counter during the installation, and promised someone would come to repair it. Five months and many, many calls later no one has come.

    We have written to the CEO to let him know what kind of company he is running, to no avail. Customers are Sears laughing stocks. The EO and his henchmen y must be having a blast someone still buys from them.

  • Sa
      11th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes
    Sears Canada - returns
    Sears Canada

    On January 11th, Sears refused to exchange a small appliance Christmas gift. I find this to be a very short window of opportunity to do a gift exchange after Christmas. The reason is that I purchased the gift in late November and 30 days have passed. This doesn't encourage early shoppers. I will never buy from Sears again, and caution everyone else about their outdated returns policy.

  • Js
      17th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes
    Sears Canada - ac install
    Julian Salari
    British Columbia

    I had purchased an air conditioner from the nearby Sears outlet, and after about 2 years of operation I had needed to have it repaired. They revealed that they do not handle any repairs anymore, and that it is a third party. After contacting this third party, they also stated they did not operate in this line of products. I then returned to Sears and discussed options, which ended up amounting to nothing. After only 2 years of purchase, they left customers with a third party for repairs and issues which did not acknowledge responsibility.

  • Sh
      19th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    The same thing happened to me. Pass the word...Sears cannot be counted on to back their products! I will no longer shop at Sears either!

  • Te
      13th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    Sears has become a joke that is no longer funny. We purchased appliances from them and have had numerous screwed up appointments for service. The last go around took two months to resolve and they now are telling us on the most recent call for service,
    that we don't have a profile and that they have never heard of us. We have always dealt with Sears as my mother worked for the store in Calgary for 35 years and remained loyal to only Sears for large purchase items. I wouldn't be caught dead in a Sears store as I am full of their excuses and no longer like the feeling of being screwed over buy the service dept every time I call. I am done period.

  • Di
      16th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Terrible Customer Service !!! Spread the word. I ordered an " in stock " Christmas gift for my son on Dec. 5. On the 19th, I called Sears and they told me it was en route to the store and would be in before Christmas. On Dec, 23, I called back and they told me the item would only be in Jan. 14. On Jan. 13 - I was told it was delayed until Feb. 4. When I complained they said this happens from time to time, and seemed to think that all that LYING to me was O.K.------ never again ----------------

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