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Sears Canada / customer service

1 Lynden RoadBrantford, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

Thursday May 22, 2008 at approximately 8:45 pm I went in to the Sears Department looking for a Clerk whom had helped me earlier in the Week with Mattress information. I approached a Clerk in the electronics department because there was no one around in the area of the Mattresses to see if he could get someone to help me. He advised me that the lady whom had been helping me earlier that week was no longer in for the day but he would get the lady in the Appliance department who had worked in the department before. When the Lady came to the area of the Mattresses and was informed of what the situation was and that I was interested in Purchasing the KING SIZE mattress and that there was a special going on until May 25th she LOOKED at her watch on more than one occasion and was trying any and every way to get me to come back tomorrow. I then acknowledged the women that if she was not willing to help me I would take my business some place else, Which she still advised me that the sale was on till the 25th of may and i had lots of time to get the sale. the only advise she gave me in the conversation was to come back and play the scratch and save on the weekend. Someone who is spending over three thousand dollars on a mattress really doesn't care about a scratch and save event, but the sale on the mattress of choice at the time of the sale.

Since when was 8:45 closing and since when has SEARS treated there customers with such DISRESPECT!

I am so disappointed with sears and what is so sad is this was a gift for my Brother who is getting Married and Just bought their house. They were Actually going in to your store June 1st to start there Registry with Sears and I will make sure that I advise them the treatment that I received from sears and why I will refuse and tell everyone the service that I received from this store. It is terrible that a store with such a great Name and History has people work for them that treat there finest customers with SUCH IGNORANCE!

You can look up my History as a Sears customer for the last 15 years and you will notice that in the past few years i have been a repeat customer one who just purchased a two piece leather set from you which was more than a three thousand dollar KING SIZE mattress. I have no problem going to SLEEP COUNTRY to purchase my mattress and it is extremely disappointing.

I expect to hear some sort of response back from someone regarding this unfortunate matter, if sears WANTS to keep a returning customer happy which I question now after this experience.


Melanie Stapledon

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  • Jo
      17th of Aug, 2008
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    Ah, women.

  • Os
      22nd of Mar, 2009
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    Sears is awful. I went in today for the bridal registry and they are horrible at Southgate in Edmonton, AB Canada. At The Bay they know how to treat customers very well. Skip Sears and go to The Bay.

  • Ro
      3rd of Apr, 2010
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    They are incompetant. I took my Lawnmower for a cleaning and tune-up to their Service Center in St. Laurent Quebec. I asked what it would cost and I was charged $54.95 + Tax up front and that their Serviceman would call me the next day if there was anything else. I believed that this was the true cost but they put the word "estimate" on the initial invoice. When I returned home latter that evening; I had a call from the Serviceman telling me it would be over $90 dollars for my 11 year old Lawnmower including chaniing a broken but functional Knob that I had already said not to change. I guess they don't communicate amoung themselves !!!

    The next day I called to find out why the cost had almost doubled and I was informed that the work had already been done; and this $90.00 + was the true cost and the $54.95 + taxes was a non-returnable charge to estimate the cost of the Tune-up !!! How is it that these incompentants, with all the tune-ups they do, cannot provide a customer with the true cost of the service requested up front for what is regular maintenance ?

    I now understand that at this Service Center the $54.95 + taxes is an up front cost to estimate the cost of repairing an item brought in for repair and is removed from the final bill if the item is repaired or used to cover their Labour Cost of discovering why the product is non-functional and providing a complete cost of repair. I feel that this is fair since they are expending labour to allow me to determine if I wish to proceed with repairs or junk my product.

    However, when it comes to regular maintenance like the Tune-up and cleaning; I should have been provided with a proper cost up front for this normal maintenance as any Garage or Dealer can do with cars. This is not an impossible request. Furthermore, if I did not agree to the Final $90 cost they were going to keep my $54.95 + taxes to phone me and say it would be $90.00 + dollars within 15 minutes of my leaving it there according to the time on my answering machine. UNBELIEVABLE !!!

    The final issue is that if this $54.95 + taxes is an estimate ; they completed the work without my permission after the $90.00 quote; a clear violation of the Consumer Protection Act.

    Beware of Sears Canada Service Centers and their underhanded Business Practices. They are incapable of providing proper estimates on a known maintenance procedure and will rip ypu of for $54.95 + Taxes to prove it.

  • Ro
      6th of Jul, 2012
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    Purchased a Refrigerator on June 20, delivered June 23rd. (at cost of nearly $300) Told to leave it for several hours before plugging in. Waited until the next morning, plugged it in...surprise it doesn't work. Called immediately. Sears is only available in our area on Wed and Fri (we're 35 minutes north of Toronto, 35 minutes south of Barrie) My wife is a chemotherapy patient and it took until July 06th before we could meet up. When the repairman called, my wife missed the ring by one ring and immediately called Sears who assured us the repairman would show up. Guess what, 3 hours later no repairman and when I called they said he was "out of our area".
    No-one thought to call us. Now we have to wait until July 13 before the repairman will return!! This company has definitely jumped the shark...bring on Walmart and the Big Box companies. Customer Service is definitely a thing of the past with this outfit and so will their business soon!!

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