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[Resolved] Sears / poor service!

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I needed a new washer dryer set. It seemed like a simple thing to me. Pick a gas dryer and buy all the parts. I grew up with Sears/Kenmore and felt comfortable with the product. That was a mistake. Where do I start?

The web site ordering process forced me to select each piece individually. Pick a dryer, pick a washer, pick a base, pick a second base. Have you ever seen a web sales site where you can't buy two of the same item? Make sure that you are careful about the specific product and color or else you end up with a mismatched set and have to start all over. OK, I got that all sorted out. It took me much too long and the frustration was making me crazy. On the web site, the delivery date was Tuesday. That is OK , I extended my holiday weekend by one day. So far, life is good.

I hang around all day Tuesday, and nobody shows up. I call Sears Delivery service toward the end of the day and discover that the delivery date has been changed with no notice. What? Seems that they couldn't deliver on Tuesday and we had to reschedule. Fine. I review my calendar to determine when I can schedule time to be home and am advised that, "we can't give you a time of day". I'm not looking for a precise time. A four hour window is enough for me. Apparently not enough for Sears. They will not give me a time window for delivery.

I'm done. "Please cancel the order, I'm going to Lowes or Home Depot to get my washer/dryer set". "Yes sir" (at least they were polite). I bought the same product at Lowes under a different brand name.

Two weeks later, the credit card charge had not been refunded. WHAT? I call them again. Yes sir, the sale has been canceled. It does take 7-10 days to refund. OK, it has only been about 7 days. I wait until next week.

I call again. "Hello, I want my money back". "Let me check. Sir, only the delivery was canceled. There must have been some confusion". So, Sears has been sitting on my $2700.00 US for almost a month now and it took me three phone calls to get my money back. I still don't have it. I have my washer/dryer combo. I bought it from Lowes. At least they were willing to schedule a delivery within a 4 hour window.

Oh, it has now been close to a month and my credit card has still not been reimbursed. September 4 until September 30 is close enough for my reckoning.

Sears seems to now be Kmart, a company that I stopped doing business with 10 years ago because of their terrible customer service and I think that I can only look forward to similar service from Sears. This was their last chance to keep me as a customer.

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Sears Brands Customer Care's Response, Apr 21, 2011

    Dear Stealth Bomber,

    I saw your post I am very sorry if you feel let down or disappointed by Sears. My name is Misty with Sears Cares and we would appreciate the opportunity to assist you if you have a specific concern or issues. At your convenience, please contact my office via email at In the email, please provide a contact phone number and we will call you directly. Also, please provide the screen name (stealth bomber) used to post here for reference to this issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

    Thank you,

    Misty H.
    Social Media Moderator
    Sears Social Media Support

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  • Dl
      17th of Aug, 2007
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    Our Kenmore front load washer stopped washing and spinning. It works great as long as there are no clothes in it. The repairman came yesterday as scheduled and changed the speed control board. I asked him how he came up with his diagnosis, (like what meter or other testing tool did he use?) and he said that he just had alot of experience with these washers. Fair enough. He puts the panel back on and is packing up while I watch the washer fail to move on to the next cycle. He pulls the panel off again, apparently rigged something below and heads for the door again. As I move to the washer to test it myself, he abruptly tells me, "I can't spend all day here" and hits the road. I load the washer and turn it on-NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH. $279.00 for this despicable service. I'll never buy a Sears product again. Sears has gone downhill beyond belief. As I write this, I've been on hold for what seems to be over twenty minutes with the South Florida District of Sears. No one answers!!! They don't want to deal with complaints.

  • Ll
      21st of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes

    I have a barely two year old Kenmore [Whirlpool] refrigerator... I JUST paid a lot of money to have it fixed [over $300.00] and it is doing the same thing again. How despicable is that? I feel so very angry... doesn't anyone care that SEARS reputation is in the toilet...

    This is for sure my last SEARS purchase, but I am stuck with it.

  • Ll
      21st of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes

    And now I am laughing at myself because this isn't going to do me one iota of good... What a waste of time and money!

  • Br
      29th of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes

    Been dealing with Sears and our problem(dishwasher w/ extended warranty... joke!) for 8 months now! Endless hours on the phone... mostly on HOLD... because when they promise to come "right back"... well, 52 minutes're still waiting! My husband has actually called from his cell WHILE still on hold on our land line! Talked to countless one-name operators... no one has a last name or employee ID#... and there is NEVER EVER a supervisor there, no matter what time of day you call. And, yes, we've talked to Source One...the CIA of customer relation clearing houses... I think I'd like a job as a Sears customer relations person... it'd be a breeze: just pretend like you're taking all their information,act like you're going to get "someone" to help,ask them to hold and you'll "be right back", and then go get in your car and go to Starbucks for a latte or go to the local theater and take in a movie... you get the idea. Just remember the old saying, folks: "Say something good, 10 people will hear you. Say something bad, 10,000 people will hear you." So Listen up CONSUMERS!! Beware!

  • La
      28th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    My father was a Sears repairman back in the late 60's and 70's. He was an actual employee of Sears and back then, a Sears repairman was something to be proud of. What the hell happened? I have replaced every major appliance in my home with a Sears product and have gotten burned each and every time on the back end because of poor service.

    My latest debacle was over a water heater purchased about 5 years ago. It has the balance of a 12 year parts warranty on it and Sears makes sure that you have to call them because nobody else carries parts for it. Given that the hours of the parts center are limited, I opted to just schedule a repairman and bite the bullet to pay for what I surmised was just an element that went out.

    Since my husband had toyed with completing himself, he got the manual out to look at. One of the first instructions was to drain the water heater and how. Apparently the Sears repairman never read that manual. He walks in, takes the cover off the panel yanks the lower element out, water spraying everywhere, shoves a new one in hands me a bill for $144 for his labor.

    I assume this method way employed so he could guarantee a future visit for another repair or to replace the water heater as the insulation got soaking wet as well as everything else inside that paneled area. Isn't that why it's behind a panel, to protect those things from moisture?

    I called the service center, but they were clueless as to what I was even complaining about. He didn't clean up his mess and a 4 year old would have taken more care than he did. Don't try to contact Sears directly either, because you can't. That is probably because they are tired of hearing about how piss poor their service is.

    Loyalty to my dad and Sears be damned. I will never buy one more thing from them because I can't trust that there will be anything but a headache when it comes time to repair anything. Ripp-off!!!

  • An
      10th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    I bought a Sears Master Protection Agreement for my TV which I had bought four years ago. I spoke a representative who told me that if I bought the Master Protection Agreement they would fix my television and if they weren't able to fix it than it would be replaced. My TV is relatively new and I thought that it could be fixed and wouldn't need to be replaced. A technician came to my house two weeks later and informed me that the TV wasn't fixable and left. I then called Sears again and spoke to a representative that said that since the TV was not fixable then it would be replaced. I called the next day wanting to know my I would be getting my TV and was informed that they had they couldn't even find proof of me ever purchasing a Master Protection Plan even though I had already been charged for it and had received my statement prior to speaking with them. I spent the next two days calling Sears and was then informed that they weren't even allowed to sell me a master protection plan in the first place because my TV had a problem and warranties are not sold on products that already have problems, and that it had been canceled, even though I clearly explained to your associates that my TV had a problem and that was the reason I was purchasing this protection plan. After being either put on hold for hours or just being hung up on, I finally spoke to an incompetent and rude supervisor named Ginny, ID # 540245 who told me that there was nothing she could do about it even though this was their mistake. Sears canceled my contract without my knowledge or consent, simply because they weren't willing to replace my TV. What kind of service is Sears providing? If the employees aren't knowledgeable about what they are offering than they shouldn't provide it. I have emailed my complain to numerous consumer websites to let others know that Sears is a very fraudulent and deceitful company and the only service they provide is lying to their customers. The bottom line is why they put me through all this hassle, if they had called me the next day and told me that they had made a mistake selling me the protection agreement I would have understood it. Why did they even bother to send a technician? Is this the kind of corporation Sears is...


  • Mv
      11th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    On 10/1/07 Sears did home service on my refrigerator and yet it was not fixed. I placed a call and was told that I had no choice and had to wait until 10/11/07 because Sears decided that it was the next available appt. and the customer had pay the consequence for the technicians mistake. I called again on 10/8/07 and informed a customer service rep to call my husband at 973 699 4123 (claim he noted the computer) and of course he did not because (NOT SURPRISED) there was no notation on the computer. The technician came to my house and of course no one was home because THE TECH DID NOT CALL (per Mary-service rep). Spoke to Mary (service) and was told that the tech was not in the area and would have to reschedule but THAT I HAD TO CALL TOMORROW ON 10/12/07 BECAUSE THE CALL WAS STILL OPENED. This makes no sense. I PAID $171.00 FOR SERVICES THAT WERE NOT RENDERED BECAUSE THE APPLIANCE IS STILL NOT WORKING!!!

    Sear has been giving me the run around since 10/1/07 transferring me every time I call to different departments and yet no one can help. NO MANAGERS TO SPEAK WITH OR EMAIL.


  • Ja
      31st of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    I bought a tractor and snow blower from SEARS in coonrapids, MN, they told that they will deliver on 24th of october, there was a call on 23rd evening to confirm this, so I took off from my job and waited, on 24th morning I received a call from sears, that they cannot deliver it today, and after several calls to SEARS, coonrapids and one visit to the SEARS out let in coonrapids, they finally said that they will deliver on 31st of october, between 10 and 12 in the morning, I again took off from work to receive the tractor, at 1.00 pm I called SEARS DELIVERY , and there was no apology they just said the van is on the way, and the driver is not obligated to have a cell phone. I told her that I have to go to work and at what time will they deliver, she just said, I don't know... I t has been my worst experience, I will never by any product from SEARS. When I bought the tractor, I took at home service warrant for nearly 300 dollars, I don't know what type of service I am going to get, when I am writing this letter, I have not yet got my tractor.

  • Sh
      12th of Feb, 2008
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    I too have had a bad experience with Sears and this is my last purchase. I bought a front load washer and dryer in red from them on this past Saturday with the pedestals. On Monday the washer and dryer came but no pedestals. I called Sears and was told the pedestals were in the warehouse and I would receive them the next day. HA!!!!! I was told to call the company that delivers for Sears, they don't deliver their merchandise, and make sure they set me up for delivery on Tuesday. I called them and they don't have the pedestals. I called the store back and requested to speak to the manager and he never came to the phone. I called back again and was told that because my receipt for the pedestals was marked delivery date 2/11/2009 that they had not been ordered. Why in the world would anyone order a washer and dryer this year and the pedestals next year? I wanted to talk to the manager again and still no manager came on the phone. Finally I talked to a woman and she was going to check on the pedestals and see where they were and would call me back. No call ever came. I called back and she had gone home. I talked to another woman, by now I am fit to be tied, and she was going to check and call me back. I told her I would stay on the line. She came back and said that the store had to order the pedestals and they would not be here until Feb. 29th. I told them that if the pedestals were not here on Tues. that they could come and pick up the washer and dryer and I would to to Lowe's. I am fed up with Sears and will never deal with them again.

  • Do
      23rd of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    I bought a Sharp aquos 37 inch television from sears along with other products. I have a service repair on the television. My tv went out some time in February. I contacted sears and was told there was no available appointment for 3 weeks. I tried to speak to other people and was put on hold for a very long time. I waited the three weeks for the service man to come. I got a call the night before that he will be here between 1 and 5. I come home from work at 12 o'clock and checked my answering machine to have a message that the service person was here at 10 am. I called and told them to send him back. They said he was not in the area and I would have to wait three weeks for him to come back out. He finally came to say that my motherboard was shot and he would have to order the parts. I am still waiting for the parts (3/23/08), and will have to reschedule an appointment, which will take another three weeks. So, that tv has been out of service for almost 2 months. I asked to take it to a local repair shop and send in my bill and they refused. This is the worst customer service. My advice is not to buy any service repair from sears for any merchandise you purchase.


  • Va
      23rd of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Sears charged my credit card $275.00 to fix an ice maker in my refrigerator. They come from 8-5 & you need to wait 10-14 days. First repair man put a new part in and it worked for less than 24 hrs. Called Sears repair and they said I had to wait 3 days and call back -their policy. Did that, second repair man came 10 days later said he fixed it and it never made one ice cube. Called for third time-sent a sr. tech. 10 days later-he was nasty, rude and spent over an hour. Said his testers said it was working and left. Also threatened a member of the family before leaving. Sears refuses to let me speak to a member of mgt. or supv. Don’t ever use Sears for repairs-it is a nightmare.

  • Va
      3rd of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    My main complaint is the service is poor, but mostly the problem with automated answering system, it took me over an hour to contact a real person who could help me. I have mostly Sears products in my home but that will end because of poor service and a poor communication system. Sears has lost a life long costumer.

    My request for service was submitted more than a week ago and as of this date the problem has not been repaired, the promise date is 9-2-08, after several phone calls I can not get anyone to tell me when they will make the service call, while writing this complaint Sears finally called and said they will be here sometime today, I have only been waiting 8 hours. Now I hope they have the parts.

  • No
      9th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    Service scheduled for 9/8 between 1 and 5 p.m. Sears call Sunday to confirm. No show on Monday. Called Service again. Supposedly the repair tech called us 3 times and no one was home. Unfortunately we were home. No phone calls - no messages left on the answer machine either. Customer Service is no help, just wants to re-schedule the appointment for 5 days later. Will not let you talk to anyone else. They have to contact routing and are supposed to call me. As of yet no call. I am about ready to call another repair service and sent the bill to Sears. Have the extended warranty. Does this mean that if we had to pay for the repair the repair tech would have shown up.

  • Jo
      30th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    hello, It seems like who ever came out to service the washer, tech must be new or he just doesn't want to work or to figure out the problem. They do have number to call for tech support. Call back to service and ask for senior tech (they refer to this, tech who cares about customer washer, senior tech will spend time to troubleshoot correctly). :)

  • Va
      2nd of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    My husband and I bought a new dishwasher and washer/ dryer combo from sears- both products have been in the house less than two months we had to have the dishwasher door repaired (spring broke off) and now the washing machine is not working- both times I booked an 8am to 12pm window in order to take only 1/2 a day from work- to get them repaired both times I ended up missing an entire day of work because the repair guy did not show up on time for the one call and did not show up at all for the second call. Calling Sears they said they cannot guarantee the window time slots they booked me for and offered to reschedule for another work day which puts me back in the same position of missing work. Sears rep called to tell me they had to reschedule and I told the guy it was unacceptable and they had to get someone over that day and I could not miss another day of work- the Sears Rep hung up the phone on me. I called the service center back and they tried to sell me on a home estimate in order to make up for being hung up on - I guess that I lost a day of work meant nothing to Sears- they tried to reschedule for the following Tuesday- which I could not afford to lose another dayof work for Sear's convinience- in the end my husbland and I took a Saturday appointment 2 weeks out and had to spend our busy weekend night paying to do laundry at a laundry matt. I will never shop as Sears- their products break down and their "Customer Service" is the worst.

  • Mu
      4th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    I'm from Wallace Street ALC and we are hosting a Benifit dinner/Auction for Sandra Burgett January 31, 2009. Sandra recently had to stop working due to her cancer and having to go to Cleveland Ohio for many surgeries. Since Sandra was also a EMT for 20 years in Gratiot County we went around to local businesses for donations for the auction, many gave. Being Sears is alway promoting there the store of giving we figured they would donate Something even if it was just a shovel or rake. We walked in to tell the sales associate what we were there for, we didn't even finish when he said, said he would get the manager. Insteed of the manager coming out to talk to us and let us finsh, the associate came out and said we can't sorry. They were very rude, maybe it was because the associate was standing the eating and we were interupting his lunch. Who knows! But I'm sure Sandra had many lunches interupted being a EMT for 20 years, could of been for them or their families. All were looking for is to help the most caring, helpful person you'll ever meet and for people to be like that is wrong.

  • Hi
      26th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Purchased a stove and refriderator from our local sears store. We were told that our local sears store would not install our gas stove. My husband said not to buy it, but I liked it and I did it. WHAT A NIGHTMARE! Appliances were delievered ok. But, we could not get anyone to install the oven. I called sears and an appointment was set up but never keep by them. I had to pay upfront $109.00 for them to come out. So, on the phone again to have those charges reversed, and still no set-up. But, the oven sure was pretty setting in my husband found someone not affliated with sears to do the setup..I will never buy anything from Sears again. They do not service what they sell in a timely manner, or at all, you cannot understand their service representatives, and they just simply, SUCK.

  • Th
      22nd of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    On November 27, 2009 I ordered 5 tires from the auto service center along with a front end alignment. These tires were advertised on sale but I was told that they didn't have my tires in and it would be 3 days before they arrived. I decided towait for the 3 days. This wait turned out to be 2 weeks
    After I called 3 times and actually went to the store to inquire about my purchase I finally asked for the manager (David) who told me that they have had 4 tires in the store all along.
    I went that day to have them installed. I checked in at 1:52 PM and was told that it would take 2 hours to do the work. When I returned at 4:00 PM they did not have one tire on the truck.
    While I was waiting along with 3 other customers that were there for tire instalation. We observed the mechanics standing around and talking to each other. They were not even trying to get the tires on the vechicles. There were only 3 cars in the bay's and 5 mechanics on duty.
    We were told that the alignment machine was not working properly
    I was told that the front end of my truck was all rusted up. (This truck had 56, 000 miles on it and sits in the garage most of the time)
    The mechanic told me that my wheels were all pitted and he had to polish each wheel. I personally timed him when he picked my tires off of the pile and placed them on the tire machine to take it off the wheel. Between the time he picked the tire up and changed it for the new tire he spent 3 1/2 minutes before he placed it on the balancing machine, at which time he carried it to my truck and mounted it. I did not see him polish any wheel. I was told that my spare would be in two days later.
    When I finally went 7 days later it inquire about my spare I complained to the manager (David) and told him how I was getting the run around by the department. Also how the mechanics were only standing around and not working on the vehicles. He told me that they had got rid of the person that was working on my vehicle because he did not work. However when I went to the bay to get my spare mounted the same mechanic greeted me. He stood and talked to me while another mechanic changed my tire. Another customer enquired about his car while I was waiting and was told that the alignment eqipment was giving them trouble. So it seems that this is a standard answer to customers when they are waiting for the work to be done.

    Total time that it took me to get 5 tires changed was 5 hours, as I did not get out of the store until 5:20 the first time (3 1/2 ) spent one hour on the phone and traveling to the store. And 1/2 hour waiting for my spare to be mounted.

    I do not appreciate being lied to by managers, being given the run around by the mechanics and feel that Sears should reimburse me for some of my inconvience and time.

    If I was the only one that had this problem or if the store had been busy I could have understood the wait. However there was 2 other customers waiting for thier tires to be changed also and they waited for 3 1/2 hours along with me.

  • Be
      11th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    damn. that is bad. i feel sorry for you

  • Wh
      10th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    Well, like most of the other people complaining about the service they have received from Sears, like them, I will NEVER shop with them again, online or in department stores.
    Trying to order 2 simple over elements has turned into a nightmare involving them:
    1. putting on incorrect street address on my order, nver received the 1sr order.
    2. made a second order, parts were incorrect. now i have to return these parts. still waiting for a credit (1 month now) on my first order.

    Simply terrible
    disgusted in Nepean, Ontario, Canada

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