Searssears has no customer service!

On November 26th, 2008, we purchased a GE Profile Washer/Dryer w/Pedestals at a cost of $3825.29.

These were delivered on Dec 2, 2008.

On January 13, 2009, we had Sears repair come to evaluate and repair the washing machine as it would not spin the clothes dry enough to put in the dryer and why the dryer make a loud cranking sound and would not dry the clothes without repeating the cycle. I was told by the Sears repairman that he could not look at the dryer because "they" didn't give him a repair ticket for it. That all he could look at was the washing machine. We would have to schedule a separate repair. He left telling me nothing was wrong with the washing machine, but to be careful and not overload it. I said the Sears salesman told us it was an extra large front load capacity and that it can easily handle a king size quilt. The sears repair man laughed and said all the salesmen say that but it's just not true.
Five months later, I called Sears repair again for the very same reasons as before.
On June 9th, 2009, another Sears’s repairman came to our home and said that the washing machine needed a new Power Board at a cost of $434.45 and that the GE Profile dryer had a defect where the gas is plumbed into the machine. It has warped the side of the machine and that will have to be replaced at a cost of $117.80 for the labor only. (I have the repair receipts). I called Sears Customer Service (800-4MY-HOME) and spoke with Elizabeth in Customer Service Corporate, I told her I wanted a complete refund as even though we purchased the warranty, I didn't trust these machines because the Sears repairman told us that the GE dryer had a defect and that the GE Profiles break down all the time. I asked him which ones don't break down all the time and he said the LG's. He hardly ever has to repair them. Elizabeth said that since we were out of our 90 day window, a complete refund was not possible. However, she could offer a replacement. She gave us case numbers – washer #2646218 and dryer #2646230. We were told to go to our Sears store in Bakersfield, CA give the salesman the numbers above and pick out a new washer/dryer. If there was any price difference, Sears would credit our Sears credit card. We were to get only the item numbers from our local store and then call Elizabeth back at [protected].

On June 10th we went to the store, picked out a new LG washer/ dryer and pedestals. When we returned home and called the phone # given to us, we could not reach Elizabeth and further more, no one at the phone# she gave us even heard of anyone named Elizabeth. We gave them the Item #s for the new LG washer #28003 with a price of $1079.00 and LG Gas Dryer #58003 at a price of $1138.99, with (2) LG pedestals #13033 at a cost of $229.99 each. This resulted in a credit to us of $260.61.
So then we talked with Jeff, who arranged for the credit on our card by taking all of our credit card information and scheduling delivery of the LG washer/dryer and pedestals on Friday, June 12th between 2:30pm and 4:30pm. We spent an hour on the phone arranging for delivery of the new set.

On June 11th, we received a phone call from Anassa from Sears delivery to verify delivery on the 12th. This took another 1.5 hours on the phone as no one had the proper information.
On June 12th, the delivery occurred on time, HOWEVER they were not delivering the new LG set, they were delivering the same GE Profiles; I already had in my laundry room. They took the new GE Profiles back on the truck and we called Sears customer service again [protected]). We were told at this time that we had to talk to Processing [protected]) and see if they could figure out what went wrong. We spoke with Tamika, Shane, Jeff Deborah, Gail, Shangela…..over the next few days with no luck. During the time spent on the phone by my husband, I called our local Sears store and was told by the appliance salesman, if we purchased the new LG set with pedestals, they could deliver all of it on June 16th including pedestals.

On Saturday, June 13th, we spoke with Yolanda at 12:49pm and she immediately transferred us to Anassa. We were told there was a problem with the sales check. After being on hold for 45 minutes, Anassa told us that someone will process this and call us back in a few minutes. Well, you can probably write the rest yourself… one called us. We called back at 3:30pm and the only person we could get to answer the phone was Loss Prevention who said no one was there.

Sunday morning, June 14th, we received a call at 8am in the morning from Sears delivery stating that they were ready to deliver the GE Profile washer and dryer that afternoon. I laughed at this point and told her we already had a GE Profile set which we were supposed to exchange with a new LG washer and dryer. I also told her that on Friday, Sears had already delivered the GE Profile set and that it was taken back because it was wrong! My husband spent another day of phone calls back and forth with several different people at Sears with no avail. We were finally told that Sears could deliver the LG washer/dryer on Monday, June 15th, but that we had to go to our local Sears store to pick up the pedestals. We were to call Jonathon (Lg. Appliance Mrg at our local Sears store) to arrange for pick up by us of the LG pedestals. Of course, when we called our local Sears store, there was no Jonathan and no one had heard anything about a pick up.
On Sunday night between 6pm and 9pm, we received a voice mail stating our delivery would occur on Monday, June 15th between the hours of 12:30 and 4:30pm.

On Monday the 15th, about 11:30 am, we received a phone call from the delivery guy stating he was around the corner and would be at our home in 5 minutes. My husband asked him what he was delivering and he said a washer and dryer, but NO pedestals. When he showed up, he put the LG washer/dryer in our garage still in the boxes as he could not install without the pedestals. Also, he stated that he had no authority to pick up the old GE Profiles. At this point we were also informed that the pedestals were on back order until the third week of August. So now, we have the GE Profile set (that does not work properly) in our laundry room, and a brand new LG washer/dryer in our garage in boxes. Basically we were told we have to wait until the end of August to have the entire set installed in our house.

At this point, we called customer service again and spoke with Tamika (AGAIN). I asked that the phone call was recorded and demanded to speak to a manager so that I could get a complete refund as at this point I want NOTHING to do with Sears ever again in my life! She said that I didn’t need a manager, that due to all the mis-information and problems, that she would process a complete refund. She asked if I could please hold, so that she could process this. After 20 minutes on hold, ANGEL came on the line and was so completely rude; I can not even believe it! She said that we were out of the 90 day window for refunds and that nothing could be done. She stated she didn’t know who Tamika was but that she gave us mis-information regarding the refund. My husband grabbed the phone and asked to speak with her manager. She stated she was the highest level and she didn’t have a manager. He asked her what we are supposed to do with all of these washers and dryers and she curtly replied, she didn’t care what we did. We asked for a phone number for Sears Corporate and an email and all she gave us was an address of 3333 Beverly Road, Hoffman Estates, Illinois. She said there was no phone number or email. And then she had the nerve to say, “Thank you for calling Sears…have a nice day” and she hung up on us.
Immediately, I Googled Sears Corporate and found two phone numbers. [protected] and [protected]. I called and spoke with Sandy who transferred me to Tasha. Tasha explained that the refund has to go through the Processing Dept. and was again told a complete refund was not available, but Amanda in processing would refund our credit card $1000 and then told us we were responsible to find the LG pedestals.

Then Sears delivery called us and said that they would schedule pick up of our old GE Profile set on the 17th. My husband said, don’t bother coming unless you have the LG pedestals to go with the new set of LG’s sitting in our garage.

The next day, June 16th, we received yet another phone call from Sears delivery stating they would be delivering our GE Profile washer and dryer on June 17th between 10:30 and 12:30. The recording went on to tell me that we needed to make sure we had room for the new appliances and that Sears would need adequate access in order to deliver and install. There was a ph# to call if there were any questions. [protected]. I called @ 6:15pm and spoke with Macky who transferred me to John, who transferred me to Joe.
Joe listened to the story, read all the notes in our file and said that he could process a Full Refund, but Sears would have to pick up both the GE Profile set and the LG washer and dryer first and then 7-10 days later they would send the refund – and also that the refund could ONLY be processed as a credit on our Sears credit card. We said that we would not release any of the appliances until we received in writing on Sears letterhead that we would be receiving the Full Refund. Of course, Joe said that is not possible and that we needed to trust him. If we trusted everybody we have talked to in the last week, we would have five more sets of washers and dryers in our garage. Again, we politely said that because of everything we have been through, we did not trust Sears at all to come through with the refund.

So, we currently have brand new in boxes, a LG washer and dryer, but no pedestals. And, we have the original GE Profile washer and dryer w/pedestals that need to be repaired and returned. At this point, we will wait to hear from Sears and file complaints with the BBB and Consumer Affairs and also Sears Corporate!

On June 15th, we received a standard response from Sears Corporate stating that we needed to go through Sears Solutions. As if we hadn’t done that for six days in a row!

I am sending this information to any and all people who may be able to help me. This is the most ridiculous situation and all we want is a full refund of $3825.29 and SEARS can come and pick up both sets of washers and dryers. On top of everything else, FED EX delivered the Main Panel part for the GE Profile washing machine repair that wasn’t even scheduled. So now, we have that part sitting in the garage with the LG set.

Every time we speak with someone new, repeat the same information over and over and we are told a different thing by every person we talk to. We have done everything they have told us, but nothing has been resolved.


Wayne and Sheryl Horne
[protected] or [protected]
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Thank you.

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