Sears Brands / samsung refrigerator (specifically, icemaker)

We purchased our Samsung refrigerator on November 28, 2014 along with the 3 year Master Protection Agreement. We have had 9 service calls on the icemaker since November 1, 2016 all for the same issue. Each service call, the technician defrosts the unit and makes adjustments and/or replaces parts. Upon completing their service call, they note that the unit is working properly. Approximately 4 to 6 weeks later, we have to have another service call for the exact same issue. I have called the Customer Solutions number (as instructed by the technicians on more than one occasion) and each time, am told that we do not yet qualify to have the refrigerator replaced. While I like my refrigerator, I did not pay for an appliance that does not fully work, nor do I want to continue paying for a MPA to cover an icemaker that cannot be repaired. The last two technicians have said that all the parts that can be replaced have been and all the adjustments that can be made, have been made. Where does this leave us when Customer Solutions still denies that this unit falls under the No-lemon guarantee?

Nov 16, 2017

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