Sears Brandsmaytag bravos x washer model# mvwx5ooxw2

We purchased this washer in 2014 and currently have an active Master Protection Plan. In the past year alone sears has been out numerous times to replace the same exact parts. We are currently waiting on our 3rd Motor, Actuator, misc parts to be replaced for a 3rd time within this year. We are told our contract needs 3 of the same parts repaired within a year to meet the lemon policy. This criteria is impossible to meet as Sears repair time frames have been greater than 32 days. Our current repair is scheduled for 12/18/18 which is 45 days from when the repair man came into our home on 11/03/2018.
In the last year we have dealt with wrong parts being ordered, forgotten parts being ordered and cancellations on behalf of Sears repair. We are also not always provided with a repair receipt when sears leaves. We have gone without this washer for more than 98 days this past year. This time frame does not include the times in which we called in the service order. We also do not have all the dates that they have been out within the year due to Sears leaving without providing a service receipt. This is just from what I was able to get from customer service and 2 dates I found in my file via online. This washer sits more being NOT used that used. Master Protection customer service does say that Sears has 21 days to repair a part to which we have exceeded each time a repair person has been out. When a repair person comes out to fix the washer they discover it cannot be fixed as a part was not ordered by initial repair person. For this reason Sears claims the initial service order has been completed and they start another claim from when they do get it correct.
I am beyond disgusted with Sears Customer Service and the Cooperation should be appalled. We are a very large family and pay $100 when going to the laundry Mat. This means in the past year we have gone 14 weeks ( that I can actually validate) which is $1, 400 being spent at the laundry Mat. This 14 weeks does not include the past years with this washer as well as the other times repair man has been out within this year.
Like most families money is more than tight and we go without necessities on a daily basis. Having to pay this much in wash this past year has been more than devastating to our family. Money saved for Christmas was spent doing wash.
Sears repair has given responses that make sense to them according to said contracts but the reality is they are thieves. The website for repairs claims great costumer service and gives multiple reasons why consumers should use them for repairs/extended warranties. I hope consumers do their research before purchasing anything through Sears or affiliated business such as Kmart.
It is common sense that consumers would NEVER purchase a product if said product could not be used more than half the year due to failure. Buyer beware and please do not use Sears to purchase any products from this Cooperation or affiliates. Their contracts are written to get them out of providing customer service. My kids will go without this year while these Cooperate Executives enjoy just 1 of their many homes this year. It is beyond disheartening to know that thousands of complaints by consumers are going unnoticed by Cooperate Executives while families are left out in the cold and going without basic necessities because of pure incompetence by Sears Repair Services.

Nov 27, 2018

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