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To: Sears Customer service
Good morning,
My name is Claudia Butler. I purchased an AC unit for my home last year May 2017. The previous unit had been in place since 2007 and the only problem was the condenser had gone bad. I could have contacted several other AC Companies but I chose Sear because of their reputation and I was offered a good price on the unit I purchased. The unit was inspected in May 00, 2018 and at that time there was no problems was found. However, on July 10, water was found on the floor in the hallway. We had no idea where it was coming from. I called the Sears repair service to have someone come out to check the AC unit because it was no longer cooling the house as it was before. The Tech come out on July 14 and stated the condensate pump was bad and needed replacing. He informed me, the part was covered but I would have to pay for the labor. I said no problem. He stated to me and the tenant he would come back on Monday to install the part. He did not come back. On Aug 8 we again noticed water accumulating on the floor. I contacted Sears repair service and was informed the tech stated I refused the repair which is why he never came back. I informed the customer service rep, I did not refuse service that was needed.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in New Orleans, LA After going round and round I asked to speak with a Supervisor and the was told I could not speak with a Supervisor and was transferred to a claims adjuster. I called the service repair again, asked to speak with a Supervisor, and was given John Horne's number. Mr. Horne set up the appointment for someone to come out on July 14, 2018. We waited all day and the tech never showed and didn't call. However, I called to find out what happened and was told he didn't come because there was no answer when he called. Needless to say, I rescheduled the appointment. The tech came out on Saturday, 8/ 18/18, removed the damaged part and installed the new pump however he did not reconnected the line. Now once again we are cannot use the ac unit because he stated I need to call a plumber to reconnect the line. I stated a plumber didn't install this unit. After my conversation with him I discovered, he probably didn't know how to reconnect the line. I called customer service on Monday 8/20/18, and explained my dilemma and now I am currently waiting on a return call from Mr. Horne. It is apparent this unit was not installed properly which is why the unit leaked in the first place. I am trying to resolve this matter as this unit still new. I am seeking to have this unit restored as soon as possible.
Your assistance is greatly appreciated,
Claudia Butler

  • Updated by Claudia Butler, Aug 24, 2018

    Tech called today says he ran into a problem and was not able to make the appointment. Tech Supervisor John Horne stated the unit was not properly maintained. The unit was inspected 6months after installation . Neither Mr Horne or the Tech have a clue as to what needs to be done. I intended to contact the BBB for help then legal assistance.

Aug 24, 2018
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  • Km
      Aug 25, 2018

    According to your state laws the service tech is likely not allowed to mess with plumbing pipes, and only a state certified plumber can reconnect the pipe. As for why the previous tech who installed the unit connected the plumbing line. I'm sure he wasn't legally allowed to but done it anyways since it is an extremely easy job. I doubt the tech didn't know how to connect the line all it required is a pipe sleeve and liquid cement. Though your state also required a state certification.

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