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Greensboro, North CarolinaGreensboro, United States

I had a 3-year old refrigerator that was not getting cold. I had Sears Appliance Services Greensboro NC technician came to my house and charged me $99 for diagnosis and he simply pushed me to purchase a new Sears brand refrigerator and he said my three year old refrigerator is out of repair and if I buy a new refrigerator from Sears he will waive the $99 diagnosis fees.

The refrigerator was not owrking properly due to the temperature control failed and it would be $45 to replace it.

Sears' $99 diagnosis is a scam!!! They ALWAYS tell you that your appliance is bad and out of repair and it is better to buy a new appliance from Sears.

Sears Appliance Service techs are Sears Appliance salesmen dressed as "service techs"!!!

Never get ripped off by Sears again!!! I will never use Sears service in my life time.

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    Shameless Sears

May 9, 2017

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