Sears Appliance Repair - Portland, Oregondishwasher repair


We had a problem with our Maytag dishwasher in November 2008, so we called Sears Appliance Repair. They offered a 1 year service agreement. The price seemed reasonable so we paid for the service agreement. I'm glad we did because the incompetent people they have working at Sears Home Appliance Repair have been unable to get the repairs correct. It is now July 2009 and we are on our 5th repair visit for this dishwasher. It's always the same problem, water is getting into the control panel. They keep replacing the same parts, but never fixing the problem. I don't have to pay anything for the repairs since I have the service agreement, but it is very frustrating scheduling an appt for them to come out, then they need to order the parts which takes 10 days, then have them come out again to install the parts. Sears also does not schedule an exact time for an appt, they just provide a date and a 4 hour window of time on that date so you have to wait for them to show up at their convenience. I would definitely not recommend Sears Home Appliance Repair to anyone.

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