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Santa Barbara Tax Products Group / tax refund

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Phone: 877-908-7228

I used TurboTax to e-file my federal return this year. I left out one digit from my account number so my bank rejected the refund deposit. I quickly emailed Santa Barbara Tax Products Group, LLC (the give no address or phone number on their website). SBTPG responded quiclky with a phone number. After explaining things to customer service I was assured that if I faxed in a valid ID, SS card and a bank deposit slip they would be able to correct the account number. <br />
<br />
I called to verify that they had received the documents, they said yes but they were rejecting my SS Card-could'nt say why-they wanted me to apply for a new one! Now I need to wait two or three weeks for a new card before I can re-apply for MY REFUND while they hold it. <br />
<br />
All my other documents match, including my wife's, and my SS Card is quite legible-they just don't like it?

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      22nd of Feb, 2010
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    This involving my 2009 Federal Tax Return. I used Turbotax to file the return. My refund was scheduled to be released to TurboTax on the 10th of February. TurboTax received the funds on the 12th of February. The refund was to be released from Santa Barber Tax Group on the 16th. Due to a numerical error in their computer system my account number was incorrect and the funds could not be deposited and was to be sent in check form. I called the number provide and spoke with a general customer service representative. I was told there was nothing that could be done and it was sent out in the days mail. I then asked to speak with a supervisor and was told there are none available at this time. The customer service representative told me that they would not be able to help me and the supervisor would only tell me the same thing. I then asked to be transferred again and was. The person I spoke with did not intent on telling me their title at Santa Barbara Tax Group and I continued to ask for it. This person was also a general customer service representative. Once I found this out I asked to speak with a supervisor again and was transferred to Lead Customer Service Representative Trey at extension 6824. He was aware of the situation and told me he was going to transfer me to his supervisor and put me on hold. Once he came back on the line he told me that he was able to retrieve my check from the mailroom. My check was not sent out in the days mail as I was told. Trey said in order for a direct deposit to be put in motion I was going to have to fill out a “Address or Account Info Change Request form” and fax it to 8584302796. Also in this fax was a voided check and copy of Social Security Card. He stated that once the fax was received that it would take two hours to adjust the account and release the funds that day. I called roughly one hour later to confirm the fax was received and spoke with Jeremy at extension 6814. He said the fax machine was backed up and to call back around closing time (5:30pm Pacific time). I called again and spoke with Jeremy. He said the fax had not be yet received and to contact him in the morning. I did as such and spoke with him at 7:00am on the 17th. The fax was still not received and once again he asked me to contact within two hours to see if it was. At 11:30am I spoke with him again and the fax was received. He stated the account was updated and the funds were going to be released later that day. On Thursday the 18th I checked my bank account and no funds were posted. I called and spoke with Jeremy he told me the fax was not processed until Wednesday evening and it takes 1 to 2 days for the funds to post. The transaction was in the form of an ACH deposit. He then stated the funds will be released on that day the 18th. On Friday the 19th I still had not received any funds and called to speak with Jeremy once more. He told me that for what ever reason the funds were not released when they were supposed on the 18th and they were released the day of the Friday the 19th and should post in my account no later then Monday the 22nd which is today. Today is Monday the 22nd and I still have not received anything. Upon checking my bank account I called and spoke with Trey at extension 6824, who did not remember the situation, he also informed me his title was a customer service representative. At no point did he state he was lead or supervisor. He told me the funds were scheduled to be released today the 22nd and will posted within 1 to 2 business day. I asked what guarantee that I had my funds would be released today. He then transferred me to his supervisor Ruby at extension 6518. She was aware of the full situation dating back to last Tuesday the 16th. She stated my funds are scheduled to be released today at 3:00pm Pacific time and should post tomorrow Tuesday the 23rd. At no point in time did she apologize for the inconvenience or provide me with any real verification that the transaction would take place today. She was able to provide me with a Trace number which was 8 digits long my bank confirmed they are supposeded to be 15 long. I asked that she email me with that number, her full name, title, and extension and also trey’s information. I never received the email. I am writing this to inform you that their business practice is subpar. They did not try to resolve this situation the way they portrayed that they would. In dealing with their customers they do not treat them with professionalism or respect.

  • Hb
      1st of Apr, 2010
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    3/26: Notified SBTPG via online "contact us" form that additional information (transit ID)needed to be appended to the existing routing number/account number combination they had on file, as my bank notified me they would be able to complete the transfer without it.

    3/26: Received email asking me to call the 877 number to speak with a CSR

    3/29: Notified the CSR via email that the 877 number was unusable from where I am in Canada at the moment, asked for a direct non-877 number. Specifically noted, again, that the transfer could not be completed without the transit ID being appended.

    3/29: received an email telling me the IRS had not sent them money yet, and if I had questions to contact the IRS. Not an answer to my request, at all, again provided the 877 number I can not use.

    3/29: Once again replied that a)the answer had nothing to do with the question, b) I still can not use the 877 number, and c) please give me a number I can use.

    3/29: Received a change form PDF from them, with specific instructions for it.

    3/31: Form and information (with a bold note on front of form stating that this change was only to append the transit ID, not change the account number) faxed at 9:38 AM

    3/31: Email sent to SBTPG at 2:50 PM requesting confirmation of receipt/processing of change form and reiterating that if the change is not made the transfer will fail.

    3/31: Received a reply once again telling me to call the 877 number to speak to a rep, no additional information

    3/31: Once again replied that the 877 number is unusable for me

    3/31: Received a reply telling me that if I was unable to call the number to try it with an operator.

    4/1: Once again replied that the number will not work, please forward to a supervisor, and give a number I can use. Alternately, since they now have my phone number they can call me.

    4/1: Amazingly receive another reply telling me to call the 877 number.

    4/1: Found this thread, found Ruby's name as a supervisor and her extension. Sleuthed enough to find a non-877 number by tracking back the owners of the domain that hosts the website and called.

    4/1: Convinced the person who answered the phone to transfer me to Ruby at her extension

    4/1: Ruby informs me that...despite the entire chain of notifications, emails, and their own change form spelling out that the transit ID needed to be appended...they have received the funds from the IRS and sent the electronic transfer based on the original insufficient combination of routing and account numbers. Additionally, she informs me that they do not/can not use SWF codes or transit numbers...only routing and account numbers. Which means that a week ago I could have been told this and instructed them to just cut me a check and we could have avoided this whole mess.

    4/1 After a long conversation with Ruby (who at this point is the only bright spot in this fiasco) we are at her attempting to kill the transaction and get me a check cut. I'll find out later this afternoon if she pulled it off.

  • Jo
      29th of Apr, 2010
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  • Ec
      17th of Sep, 2010
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    I also had the same problem with S.B.B.T. I talked to them after they had sent the A.C.H. to my bank. Now my bank after recieving the A.C.H. would not put my refund on the acct. because i was not the primary card holder. My uncle is the original acct. holder but we added my name to the acct. so i could get my refund quicker than waiting for a check, Let me also say, we checked with the bank ahead of time and asked if that was acceptable, and was assured there would be no problem. Well they blocked his acct. when i called i was informed about sending all the documents in which we did, BUT! they demanded i send copies of my state I.D. card, my SS card the front page of my 1040 and a current utility bill in my name with the current address which would have to match what they had on file. AND! the same things from my uncle. including a copy of his 1040!!! O.K. i was trippin but we complied, after about 2 weeks of getting all of these different docs. together i fax them. i call to make sure they got them and they tell me ""yeah, they got them but the SS# doesnt look right i need to go apply for another! i told them i wasnt going to wait another 3 weeks for them to see a different card, they said i could fax them a copy of the reciept that i applied. Well who the hell do they think they are? so i just say the hell with arguing with them i'll just comply, so i did just that, then fax the reciept to them, i call to make sure they got it ok, they told me they had but they weren't going to send me a check they were going to send it back to the originating financial institution. but first I NEEDED TO GET IN TOUCH WITH THAT BANK, and have them fax them over an indemnity bond. thats just utter nonsense. But like a fool i comply because i want whats rightfully mine that they are holding hostage, and until i jump through hoops there isn't a damn thing I can do about it. i call the originating institution, which is Santa Barbara Bank and Trust and they told me that they never heard of such a thing and i should call my bank back and tell them so. and to tell them if any body should be requesting a bond it should be them! so like a fool i do just that, trhey tell me to call them back to tell them if they wont send it they werent going to release it. so i send an E-mail to the C.E.O. of Metabank explaining what i had been through. I didnt expect to hear back but wanted to let somebody know about Larry. Moe and CUSTOMER SERVICE REP. Well next thing you know i get an E-mail from the manager of the escalation department that my funds were being released to S.B.B.T. right away. COOL, i thought. the next day i call S.B.B.T. and they tell me they need a copy of my I.D.and.S.Security card. o.k. i send it and they have a problem with the S.Security card! what ? i had just received it in the mail, it was brand spanking new! they tell me go apply for another one!!! anyway after going round and round with them for a good week one of thier customer service geniuses tells me "well, we dont have the funds anyway because ACCOUNT NOW hasnt sent us anything, man, m i've had it, I E-mailed them and told them to keep the money, they were a bunch of thieves! Oh one last thing to leave you with other than my sincere hope that you have better luck than i had, this is not my 2009 tax return this was my 2008 return! i recieved my 2009 refund, i had the I.R.S. mail it to me. Imagine that. they should be ashamed, if you or i tried this stunbt we'd be in jail.

  • Su
      1st of Feb, 2011
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    Obviously your "baby's mother" took it.

  • De
      18th of Feb, 2012
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    Santa Barbara Tax Products Group Is the worse. Send several emails to them about a problem. Always was told I would be contact is 24 hours. Finally got someone on the phone. They claimed that I needed to use the website to contact them. I was using a link in the email they sent stating to use to contact costumer service. I was told I was being charged X amount of dollars. Then that amount changed. I was told well we had to ### tax. Why was that added in the total when I agreed to use the service. They said there was nothing they could do to help me. I would need to contact Turbo tax or the IRS. HELLO!! It SBTPG Service I am using. Not a helpful company at all. Rep claimed there were 3 supervisors standing behind. Why didn’t she put one of them on the phone since she wasn’t able to explain anything to me?
    NEVER NEVER again will I ever use this service. And any one has a ounce of brains they would not either. Borrow the money if you have to pay versus using this service. I don’t know what I was thinking when I clicked on this. STUPID on my part.
    OH and still no word on my taxes

  • Un
      6th of Apr, 2012
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    According to the IRS refund link my refund was deposited on April 4th, so I call Santa Barbara Tax products Group, LLC April 6th and all they can say is that they haven't received it. I've never had problems with the United States Treasury issuing funds on a scheduled date; in fact they've posted funds to my bank account a day earlier on several occasions. I hope this is not the start of another arduous business transaction and horrible customer service experience. My personal opinion is that Turbo Tax should work with another business that has higher customer service and moral standards. SBTPG is hurting Turbo Tax business.

  • Jo
      10th of Apr, 2012
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    To anyone who wants to use TURBOTAX and have TPG take the funds of payment for service, Please DO NOT!!
    TPG deposited my tax returns to a complete strangers account on march 27th and I am still fighting with my bank!
    The problem is, it is not treated as fraud and cannot be retracted easily. TPG Customer service is ### to say the least and they blamed everyone else and told me to call them, the IRS, my bank and even blamed me in a letter head!

    How the hell would I know someone else account number?
    I think the state should investigate this group!

  • Ti
      26th of May, 2012
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    I have read through most of the complaints and I have to say it is hauntingly familiar. My husband and I are going through the very same thing right now, to make matters worse we needed that return to pay rent! Well thanks to TPG my husband myself and our child are now homeless!!! We faxed all the documents liked they asked and they said his SS card was tampered with.. HAHA very funny it was still attached to the paper they send it in the mail attached to. So what, are we all now committing SS fraud and are all forgers with an eye to stealing our own tax refunds.. I want to know how these people have gotten away with this for so long? Don't they have to follow the same laws as you and I? If not how do I get a job with them so I too can do as I please!!!

  • Lr
      14th of Jun, 2012
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    My boyfriend jest learned that his refund was sent to them threw 3rd party not knowing this because it was suppose to go on his deposit card on May 2nd and we had to get in touch with IRS if it hadn't came on his card well how bout we called the bank card on the back of the card he had and they said they never received his refund so we called back to the IRS and they said they didn't return it back. when all we needed was a change of address done he did that to and the IRS finally tells us we didn't have to do it because we had already sent his info they said they had already posted his refund on his card but when we called them they said they didn't have it again to call IRS again so we did and the women at the IRS said she would trace it down for us and she did and it went back to them which is First Federal mirage bank of California but name is California bank or Santa Barbra tax group . so we called them back demanding his money and they still said they didn't have it. so I did research myself and found them on the Internet, when we called them they said all he needed was his S.S, I.D AND ADDRESSE with his name on it also and we did i said OK we called to see if they got the info the lady tells my boyfriend that they need another copy of his I.D and S.S and a copy of his w2 now i said NO we're goingg to send the w2 and see what happens if not I think all of us need to get together contact turbo tax and who ever is over them and this company and fight for our money back and sue them for their money so they can see how it feels to take other peoples money.

  • Dd
      28th of Nov, 2012
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    to everyone that think they are having issues with Santa Barbara Tax Product Group, First of all you should not be using turbo tax thats a big red flag to the bank you dont realize all the fraud that goes along with turbo tax... if you went thru a tax preparer like me that is signed up with SBBT then you wouldnt have problems... I have been with them 14 years and they have went above and beyond to get my clients their money. If you are having issues its because risk dept. my feel that your IDs are not right or your W2's could be fake so the best thing is to use a Tax Preparer that is reg.. with them... One time I found out there were dozens of refunds going to the same address. You dont realize all the fraud. and someone could be using your info... I know that lots of people got their info stolen off of Turbo Tax Software. Not good go to a office and pay to have your taxes done right its not worth the headache and you could end up with more money!

  • Be
      21st of Apr, 2013
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    I filed 2012 taxes with turbo tax as I have for years. I get a check from University Bank aka Santa Barbara Tax Products Group. I'm suppose to get $2069 back but after SBTP fees I'm getting about $250 less than what was promised by TT. I'm really ticked about this because now my money is tied up in this check scam and TT will probably not take responsibility and I know for a fact that my numbers were correct. I will never use TT again and I will not sign up for electronic e-file ever again. Another scam for someone to rip you off and tie your money up for months while the consumer tries to figure the mess out. Dana

  • Ch
      6th of Nov, 2013
    -1 Votes

    The moral of these stories is DO NOT use Turbo Tax. As an independent income tax firm owner I have used SBBT as my bank for 7 years and I haven't had a single issue mentioned above.

  • No
      10th of Feb, 2014
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    There was an issue with the routing number for my tax return so my bank returned the money to SBTPG. I called them on the 6th and they told me to fax a change of account form along with my and husband's ID, SS card and a voided check. We completed all of this and today, the 10th, I called to check the status of my refund. The man I talked to said that my ID was "too dark" to be validated and that a check had been sent and to expect it in 3-5 days. (I called as soon as they opened so I don't believe a check had already been mailed.) Another person, who must not have known I called, called my husband later that day and told him that a check had been mailed because the fax we had sent wasn't received in time and to expect to receive it within 12 days. Two different stories, 2 different expected receive dates. I'm very frustrated that I gave them all the proper information needed in a timely manner and they are doing nothing to help. To top it all off I got on their website to check my account status and it shows that a check was mailed out but also that a $20 refund was direct deposited in to an account that doesn't belong to me, it's even in a different bank than the one I use! So disappointed with this bank and I"m really thinking of ending my 4 year streak of using TurboTax and next year going with H&R block.

  • Ta
      11th of Feb, 2014
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    NorCalCourtney, I am having the same EXACT problem!!! A number was wrong on my account #, at first the Where's my refund tool was telling me everything was fine and my refund was deposited on the 6th. Well today rolls around (2/11/14) and nothing. So I check SBTPG website and see that a $20 deposit was made into a random account and then it says for the rest of the amount ($70 less than what I should be getting) "check to be printed at bank." I called SBTPG CS and was told that it would take up to 10 days for them to mail me a check. But where is that $20 going?! I will never use turbotax again.

  • Vi
      14th of Feb, 2014
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    Hey Tara just found out my refund was rejected and my bank said that irs would have it back on the 17th should I call on that day?

  • Al
      26th of Feb, 2014
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    how long did it take to get your check did yall get them yet if so how many days it tiok to get it after it said it was mailed

  • Mr
      24th of Apr, 2014
    +1 Votes

    A class action lawsuit needs to be filed against TurboTax and Santa Barbara Tax Products Group. I spoke with both companies 2 days ago, April 22, 2014. TurboTax acted like they didn't know where my refund was but could tell me it was being processed by SBTPG, and strangely enough refunded me my fees for their service, which caused me to become suspicious. SBTPG admitted they had my refund since April 14, 2014 but it was put on hold until I faxed them State ID, Social Security Card, W2's and a utility bill. I originally filed on Feb. 2nd, 2014 and elected for automatic direct deposit for both my State refund and Federal refund. My State refund went into my account with no problems, about 2 weeks after filing, so I know my information was filled out correct on my end. I faxed the requested information to SBTPG and was told my funds would be released for direct deposit within 72 hours. I asked why my funds were put on hold and why I was not notified that they were on hold ... the answer I was given; because it showed that you had other IRS funds being deposited into your bank account and they didn't contact me because they have to many other funds on hold as well and it is impossible to contact everyone. Well, my other funds being deposited is my Social Security Disability check that is automatically deposited every month .. SOOO, I know for sure that SBTPG has my correct bank account information. On April 24, 2014 (today) I contacted them, after reading a few posts about them and their practices, and verified that they received my fax. They gentleman I spoke with acknowledged that he did receive my fax and said that my funds were released on April 22, 2014. I asked when I should expect to see it in my checking account .. his answer, and it was not surprising, let us say it all together >>> your deposit was rejected by your bank so we had to send a check to you, you should see it in 2 to 7 business days <<<. I asked why it was rejected and if there was any fees charged to me, and he stated that I obviously didn't provide the right bank account information, so I was charged a fee. I asked him how SBTPG knew I was receiving other Government benefits if I provided them with wrong banking information. He then changed his response to; I see that you were re-inbursed your TurboTax fees from Intuit, so we had to take OUR fees from your refund, causing it to be different then the Federal refund, and that's why the bank rejected it, because it didn't match. That's why they then mailed it. I of course told him I knew he was just back peddling and he said I just misunderstood him ... I don't see any misunderstanding here. HERE is what I see ... TurboTax and Santa Barbara Tax Products Group are related companies doing business together. TurboTax acts like they have no part of SBTPG when in fact they are related. SBTPG has this HUGE Scam going on in which they hold on to peoples refunds for as long as they can, for investment purposes. I would be willing to bet that most of the funds held, or as they put in "on hold", are fairly small refunds, like under 1, 500.00, that most people would not hire an attorney to resolve for them. It just would not be worth it because the attorney fees would eat up the refund amount. So I suspect SBTPG looks for these lesser amounts to come through their processing department and are put on hold, with many excuses on hand for why they are on hold .. which I was told could be from random selection to tax audit support documents. But no matter the reason they give the poor tax payer, the point is they purposely hold the funds, they do not contact the tax payer causing the tax payer the grief, stress and agony of finding out what is going on with their refund and that in it's self is a chore when trying to contact SBTPG. The phone number TurboTax gives you, for SBTPG is purely an automated system. There is no means of getting a live representative with the number they provide. The tax payer has to Google the company to find the right phone number, and then go through a few different departments to find out what's going on with their refund. The rest is as aggrevating as I am describing it. I don't expect my refund anytime soon. I think it will probably take 10 to 14 business days, if not longer .. ( because the Post Office will probably reject it in the mail and return to sender -- or whatever excuse they can come up with for that one ). Bottom line is; TurboTax and Santa Barbara Tax Products Group need class action law suits put on them to keep this unfair and fraudulant practice from happening again. The public also needs to be notified through social media about what is going on ... hit em back, where it hurts, in the wallet .. tell a friend, Facebook it, or Tweet it .. word of mouth and social media is the best advertisement.

  • Je
      9th of May, 2014
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    Well this is my first year filing with turbo tax and basically I had an terrible experience with this sbtpg bank first of all someone changes the bank and routing number on my account so my money wasn't deposit into my account it was sent back and they said they was gone issue out a check and I should receive it in 3 to 5 days still no check what is going on...I will never use them again

  • Js
      3rd of Aug, 2014
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    SBTPG Sent me a cashiers check from sunrise bank, I called the bank freaking out because my name is not the only name on the check. Identity theft yet SBTPG wants me to go and file and do all the work when they should check into it . They are the ones that filed a fraudulent joint tax return under my ss. They are responsible ! Now I have to go through all turmoil to get to the bottom of it.

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