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4 o'clock in the afternoon on Monday 15OCT2018, I ran into the Sam's club in Pensacola, Florida to get a few items. First there were no strawberries but I can handle that so with my 3 items in hand I was checking out at the registers in the front out of all the registers there, only 1 was opened. I have video of this, then as we were checking out, my boyfriend put the money on the counter, the cashier caught an attitude because he did not put the money in her hand, she proceeded to disrespect him and slammed his money down on the counter. She was very disrespectful we were calling a manager over then the guy that was taking over her register proceeded to start yelling and screaming at my boyfriend to the point that he stepped out from behind the counter and took off his Sam's club vest saying he didn't care about his job. Both of these cashiers were African American and we are caucasian, also this was young people whereas my boyfriend is 63. I am saying that things were getting real nasty and about to go down at the Sam's club.

  • Updated by Sadie Smiley, Oct 15, 2018

    No he was standing a good distance away I was the closest to the counter, she was the one that was all nasty then the other rude cashier jumped in. It was none of his business.

  • Updated by Sadie Smiley, Oct 15, 2018

    Stop the hate.. ALL LIVES MATTER

Oct 15, 2018

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