Sam's Club / my vehicle was vandalized outside your yubacity store and your cameras were no help!

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Hello, I my name is Mayte Rodriguez, on August 25 I made my 40 minute drive to my favorite store Sam's club in Yubacity. It would be my only stop as I was getting my all i needed for my son's birthday party for the next day. I was in the store approximately an hour and twenty minutes. I came out to see my 2016 Cadillac Escalade had been keyed on two doors driver and behind driver door. I had help with my items as I had two carts. The lady helped and talked to the security cameras lady which I had to make a police report to check video. I for sure though we could catch whom it was since I was infront of a camera. Report made I was supposed hear back nothing so I called. Police man said" your not going to believe this" he sent me a screenshot of camera system. Which I will include if I can. I was shocked. He said they couldn't see anything. There was one hanicap parking and a car area and my car. The keyed is NOT from a cart as it is to low. I never received any support or suggestions from the store it self and that is why I am going above to seek help. I know this is not Sam's fault, but I extremely felt let down by your camera system a billion dollar company has this camera system. I no longer feel safe if something truly bad were to happen in your parking lot. The scratch are so deep the police man wrote down vandalizime would be over $1, 500. Not to speak of the $1, 200 sealant I will have to redo as I just had done when suv was purchased. This is not a 30, 000 Honda. My vehicle is a new Cadillac which means what everything cost more. I drove straight home with such a horrible feeling. I have a Costco card but I always pick Sam's first I'm one of your great customer if you can look up we always pay cash and our total usually including that day was $400+ . But I have not been back, I feel very let down by the club. My SUV is garaged and I have a rod iron fence around our house which sits about 300 feet from the road just in case you try to tell me if it was done before arriving at the store. I specified to the police man to write down the intensity of this as it was so much fresh griding. He agreed it was freshly done the powers were very fresh. I have had the worst months of my life my family has been through a lot but the more time passes the more upset I get over letting this go. I would request some help financially to fix my vehicle. Please and thank you for your time. Mayte Rodriguez

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Oct 17, 2017
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  • Po
      Oct 18, 2017

    I'm sorry to hear about your vehicle. Many companies do not have security cameras in their parking lots whatsoever, so it was fortunate in general that you had a chance to view anything on video. Unfortunately it is unrealistic to expect the security cameras to capture everything that happens in the parking lot.

    I don't know who you're asking for financial assistance from. I hope it's not Sam's Club because that would be an insane and crazy request. You should consider reaching out to family or friends, or maybe creating an online campaign for fundraising for yourself. On an optimistic note, it is only body damage.

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