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Lebanon, OR, United States

Today I used your pharmacy for the first time in many years. It was a disheartening experience to say the least. I turned in my prescription around 4pm. They were very kind, but they did mention that they were running behind and told me to return in 30-40 minutes. No big deal. I then purchased 45$ worth of dinner from your deli, ran some errands, fed my family, returning around 6pm. By this time it was a completely new crew and what appeared to be a different pharmacist. I handed the cashier my ID and stated my name for pick up. The cashier was kind, but couldnt find my prescription. I gave her a description of whom I dropped it with and what they said about running behind. The cashier then stated
"Oh yes, it has been one of those kind of days" going on to say that it "was a really bad day back there" motioning towards the back and the pharmacist. After a couple of minutes another tech came out and shoved a cut down version of the prescription I had dropped off earlier. I didnt notice, but apparently my prescription had a fill date for tommorow on it. As I stated I clearly didn't realize it and was confused, but more then the confusion, I was fairly appalled by the bratty way she shoved it in my face. The way the tech explained it, she seemed very annoyed with me. She was abrupt and seemed as if she thought I was trying to get away with something. That way she shoved it at me and spoke was enough to be upset with, but I did my best to be cordial and decided not to mention that she was being very inconsiderate and rude. I then inquired what time the pharmacy opened in the morning. She said 9am. I then asked if I could pick up my prescription then and she snickered and said, no. As if I was asking a crazy question. She seemed annoyed that I would inquire about it being done then. She then said to not expect it until 11am at the earliest. Maybe later! I found this odd, since if I dropped it by at 9am it would most likely be done earlier. Again, I said nothing about her snotty attitude, or the timing. She then went on to say that they had very important morning duties. Prescriptions that had to be done daily and mine was way down on their list. I wanted to say, shouldn't mine be important as well? Again, I didnt say anything, but said thank you and left to finish more shopping. This was my second trip that day and 4th for this week already, since Sunday. I am in your store 2-10 times a week on average and spend thousands monthly. I certainly don't think that makes me more import than anyone else. I do mention it because this is the first time I have ever felt humiliated by your associates.
I then realized I needed something else from your pharmacy/meds area. I looked for a few minutes, but couldnt find what I needed. Several employees were running around, but no one offered to help. Which isn't typical. They are normally great and always offer help. I finally went to the pharmacy counter and the cashier kindly tried to help me. She didnt know the answer so she politely asked, what appeared to be the pharmacist for help. I couldn't hear exactly, but the tail end was "give me a minute I'm in the middle of something!". It was in a very rude, very annoyed and snippy manor. I felt bad for the cashier, because she was only trying to help me. I waited for a couple more minutes, and then said to the cashier, not the pharmacist, that I didn't need a consult, if she could direct me to the area she thought it might be. Thinking I was being considerate to take care of it myself and honestly I didnt want to have interaction with this angry pharmacist. To my horror, the pharmacist yelled very loudly and very snotty, from all the way back in the pill area "if you would just give me a minute I'll help you!" This was directed at me. Honestly, I was dumbfounded. I hadnt even spoke to her at all, had, had no interaction with her. Why would she feel the need to yell at me? I dont yell at people I know, let alone people I don't know. I felt like this women was my angry, annoyed parent reprimanding me. As if I had been bothering her with a long list of demands. It was mind blowing and extremely humiliating. I am not normally an emotional person, but I have to say, I was almost in tears from the shock and embarrassment of the way she yelled at me. She waited another minute or two, while I stood there and then acted exasperated. She seemed to toss down whatever she was working on and walked over to the counter where I was waiting. At that point my daughter walked up. Shockingly, she changed her attitude completly. She then tells me sickenly sweet that Safeway doesnt carry what I inquired about. I said, "thank you Beth" and walked away. I couldnt even address her behavior directly. I didnt feel it was even appropriate at that point. So now I ask myself. Isnt that strange. Did she think I didnt hear how she yelled at the cashier? Did she not realize that she yelled at me in front of everyone? Why didn't she just tell the cashier you didnt carry the product? Why did she make me wait, only to say no you don't have it? Did she realize she had caused an embarrassing scene? Did she see the tears I was holding back, so then decided to act kind? Who knows, but it was far beyond a bad day, a bad moment or bad customer service. It was passive aggressive harrasment of her employee and a very loyal customer. I know it is just a customer's opinion, but I believe this person needs to be watched. I cant imagine that this is a singular experience. She seemed very comfortable with taking out her anger, or to use your cashiers words, her "bad day" on her employees and her customers. Her poor attitude clearly rubbed off on her tech that thought it was good cudtomer service to shove my prescription in my face. Her manors only seemed to changed when she noticed she had hurt and upset me. Sad.

Jun 13, 2017

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