Safeway / in store bakery

Calgary, AB, Canada

I purchased a blue berry bagel at the Brentwood store on October 25, 2017 but after biting into this item, I realised that it was actually a chocolate bagel instead. Lately for some reason the two bagels look exactly alike.

I returned to the Brentwood store where Customer Service Assistant, Kimberley, was able to provide me with a full refund, but it was the inconvenience of having to return to the store that was of some concern to me. I suggested to Kimberley that the supermarket should continue differentiating between the two bagels and not have them looking alike.

In addition, I purchased a wholemeal bagel upon my return to the store but for some reason this item did not have the usual texture of a bagel and tasted more like a crusty bread instead.

There have also been occasions when the supermarket has added just too much salt to its in store bakery items and with no labeling on the outside of these items, it is not always easy to know the actual sodium content. a

Oct 25, 2017

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