Royal Holiday TimeshareFraud - no statement for annuity with timeshare as sold to us in 2004 and no repsonse from the company - maze of lies and misrepresentations - HELP.

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Is their anything we can do against an International Company - Royal Holiday - Timeshare scam - granthix corp is managing the funds we were sold the promise of an annuity product and timeshare - Since 2004 we have not been contacted, nor have we received any statements regarding promised annuity with interest retrurns - HELP!!! They call for payments and increase fee's annually. Yesterday - they called me to request payment for late fee's that were waived due to poor mail service in my area.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Temecula, CA
The agents are rude and can not give you a straight answer!
No straight answer and no way to get out - HELP without taking the loss and messing up my great credit. What can I do - i am ready to band together and file a class action lawsuit becuse this practice is still happening and people are caught in the same situation - that initiallly sounded like a great opportunity with a good company, so we thought. HELP!!!
Do not purchase a timeshare many of them are scams...Especially, outside of the country - Mexico.
Please advise, or re-direct...

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  • Ma
      Sep 12, 2009

    While in Cancun we were invited to a 90 minunte timeshare speech. The salesman at Royal, tolk us that if we bought, he would help us rent our timeshare since they get conventions all the time. He assured us there were lots of people looking to rent weeks at Royal Holiday because of the proximity to the convention center.

    Dumb enough, we believe him. Six months after, we were still waiting for this rental income. We called him several times asking him what was going on until he decided not to take our calls anymore. We searched the internet just to find out that everything we were told was a total lie. We found out that Ernesto Barberi is a scam artist ready to take advantage of anybody.

    On the way back to the airport, we found an ad of a law firm specialized in timeshare matters. We contact them and they helped us cancel and recover our earnest money., they will help you cancel. and get your monies back.

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  • So
      Jan 17, 2014

    I know how you feel, and it seems like this is a common problen in Mexico. I purchased a travel program through Sandos Playacar at Royal Elite Timeshare Resort in Playa del Carmen last March and I requested to cancel within the 5 day grace period but they still have not refunded my down payment of over $9000 US dollars. I have been in touch with people there and they say they are working the process but it takes time. It has now been almost 5 months and I am losing faith they will ever pay me back. This is another forum with more complaints about this company:

    I believe we should do something about it, as I understand Mexican regulations forbid the offering of gifts, free vacation certificates or any other promotion strategies without informing the consumer the specific purpose of the offer. I want to complaint with PROFECO about this, and get my money back

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