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Royal Holiday / timeshare scam!

1 Mexico Review updated:

Hello Everyone!

Our Cancun vacation at the Oasis Cancun Resort - Booking Id # 357963:

We arrived on July 15th - went to our room there was 1 working elevator for the whole hotel. There were drunk people everywhere - trash all over - empty cups/ plates of food etc. When we got to our room it smelled so moldy and the only light switch that worked had a strobe light in it - flashed continuously. There were fire ants on the balcony and it was not ocean front(as promised) - then we found cum stains on the bed - I complained- nothing happened. The next morning (2 of us had nose bleeds probably from the mold) we went down to the lobby and asked for help they asked how we made our reservations and we said "" they told us to talk to Jesus our " Rep"- we complained about all of the above and he said he did not know if he had anything available but we needed to go to the Grand Oasis for our meeting and maybe they could do something. We went to the Grand and met a woman named Cecilia - she took us to breakfast and showed us a room where she said we could be staying - then she took us to a Lobby meeting room in the Grand, where they started explaining this package. We told her we wanted to think about it and she went and got her boss who told us if he let us walk out he knew we would not come back (That's when the promises and bonuses which proved to be untrue were given), they did not leave us alone at any time & they kept sending one then another over to talk to us to occupy our time (a private conversation was impossible!). He said they could upgrade our room(at the Oasis, not the Grand) and meal plan - After 4+ hours we signed up. They did get us a new room and a upgraded meal plan. The new room was better 1 king bed and we had to have 2 portable beds bought in for our boys, but still not what we expected. When we got home we started looking at the Royal Holiday book and found out that what they said in the meeting was different from the book. Because we took the bronze plan there is not enough points to even pay for 4 people for one week much less the airfare that they said we could use our points for. So we contacted them and told them we wanted to cancel - we were threatened and told we were beyond the 5 day grace period and they would come after us - take the money out of our checking accounts if they have to. We were never told we had 5 days to cancel but we did attempt to find the people we dealt with at the Grand on 3 occasions as we had questions and concerns & had decided to not join or participate in the "Club",, but there was no one in the Grand lobby meeting area where we had our initial meeting!

For A total list of problems with our room:

1 working elevator/ only went to 5th floor - we were moved to the 6th promised ocean front - ended up with lagoon view, strobe light, smell extremely bad - mold, Air Conditioning did not work properly and quit working completely in new room! New room had 1 king bed - my sons were on 2 portable beds trash everywhere - from night parties (cups/plates of food sitting in halls and stair wells) puke on the floor in the hallways, couple screwing in the pool in front of everyone-Witnessed by even small children-during the day - while this may be a turn on to some not what I wanted to see on vacation.

If you did not turn in your card for the beach towel - it cost you $50.00 - hidden charge! Huge cockroaches in the hotel at night! Refrigerator was missing from 1st room and the refrigerator did not work in our "new" room...
Advertised as a family resort - there were teenagers/young adults running around cursing/fighting/ being obnoxious and raising hell until early in the morning - this was every night!

We had a GREAT trip last year (other family members as well) staying at the JW Marriott, Visiting Tulum, Isla Mujeres, and Xel-ha etc. We anticipated another great trip and had already began planning a group trip with family & friends (20+ people including children) next year, an annual summer trip/vacation to Mexico for many years. Cancun, Isla Mujeres, the people and culture are awesome!!! All in all we made the best of a very bad trip and I doubt we will ever return to Cancun! Paradise lost to those who would enjoy!!!

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  • Da
      6th of Jan, 2010
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    Royal Holiday - Timeshare Scam
    Royal Holiday

    I am frustrated to no end with Royal Holiday. I am writing this complaint in the hopes that everyone will wise up to this fraudulent company and avoid making the worst purchase of their life.

    I purchased a vacation plan with Royal holiday in 2006 based on the FALSE promises by the salesman of complete travel flexibility and locking in the cost of my vacations. During the sales presentation, I was promised that the 30, 000 points I purchased would be plenty for 2 weeks of holidays per year to anywhere in the world. When I read the catalog later that same night (after signing), I realized that most of the destinations cost well over 20, 000 points per week and with many restrictions. The two week vacation promised would be virtually impossible!!!

    The day after I purchased I called to cancel and was told by their staff that there were absolutely no refunds. I now know that it is the law in Mexico to have 5 days to rescind your contract, but unfortunately at the time I was unaware and of course they didn't tell me. Consequently, I tried to make the best of it and use the timeshare, but then I started having the following problems:

    1) I was told that there would be amazing flexibility when booking vacations. When I tried to book a trip in 2006, I was not able to book for the two times that I had wanted, even though I called well in advance. Instead, I was forced to book for my last choice of time, and I could only travel from Sunday to Sunday. I do not consider this tremendous flexibility!

    2) I booked a trip for August 2006 to the Bahamas. When booking this trip, I was advised about a 'resort fee' of $475.19 for my guest and me for one week. When I asked about the nature of this fee, I was told that my vacation points only apply to the room, and that I would have to pay this extra fee for the week. This was another example of something that was not explained to me or included in my contract upon purchasing the plan. All of a sudden, the vacation plan is getting increasingly expensive.

    3) I experienced a third example of misrepresentation for my trip in February 2007. I was booking a trip to Cancun, and was advised of an all-inclusive fee of $672 for me and my guest for the week. Again this was another fee that was never explained to me or included in my contract. With the cost of the flight and the all-inclusive trip, I could easily book a package online for cheaper. Why did I get charged $20, 000 to pay even more to take holidays???

    4) In 2009, I found it almost impossible to book vacation time anywhere outside of Mexico and the Caribbean. The plan is not flexible as I was promised it would be.

    5) I signed a contract with an annual fee of $570. They promised me that a timeshare would "lock in the cost of my vacation". Now I am being told that the annual fees have increased to $725! How high will they get in the future? When I inquired about the increase, I was told the fee increase was in the Operating Rules. I never received the operating rules, nor did I have any fee increases explained to me.

    In short, the lack of availability or resorts, the misrepresentation of value to the points, the increase in hidden fees, and the poor standard of the rooms are the reasons why I am demanding that they cancel my contract. This vacation plan was completely misrepresented to me in the sales presentation and I will no longer tolerate spending money for something that was not what I agreed to upon purchasing my plan with Royal Holiday.

    I have been contacting their staff since November, and just keep getting passed from person to person with no real response. I feel like a broken record having to repeat my story. I finally felt like I was getting somewhere with Mario Sanabria as he made an initial (low) offer, but when I rejected it, they put me back to the commentsquality email address with no name. They are too ashamed of their product to provide me with their name!

    I've read so many bad reviews of this company, and watched all the videos online now. I think all of us that have been scammed by this fraudulent organization need to get together to demand our money back and put this company out of business. Spread the word...DO NOT BUY ROYAL HOLIDAY UNLESS YOU HAVE MONEY TO BURN!

    Here are a few emails addresses of people I've been talking to...
    Comments Quality Royal Holiday -
    Monica Espinosa -
    Figarella Vazquez, Xiomara del Carmen -
    Sanabria Ramirez, Mario Carlos -

  • Ms
      8th of Jan, 2010
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    My husband and I just came back from Nassau Bahamas getaway, we met these people through sweet talking of their two representatives in front of their presentation room. Appointment made to make it short for the next day, the catch for you to go was the FREE BREAKFAST and prize drawing and free t-shirts to give away. We were not really attracted to the give aways, we were more interested on the presentation since we always love to travel, we thought this could be a beginning of something worth to spend money for future vacations!!!
    The day of the presentation people welcome you as if you are one of them, a lot of stories to tell and get down to the business, tour will make you more attracted. They will never give you a chance to ask questions or think of what they are trying to offer, instead they will tell you all the nice things of a DREAM VACATION without spending too much! they will force you to say YES or if you have DOUBTS that's a NO NO..they will give you options after options until you are LURED.
    Fortunately, my husband and I realized it was a total SCAM, all the acting and MS NICE ATTITUDE totally change after we are convinced that we are not getting it!!! We were LEFT alone on the table with the first representative like a piece of TRASH!~!!!
    The REALITY is even more obvious when a next guy came to lend a HELPING hand to the 1st one, ofcourse that was denied the man was shaking to death because his TACTIC was never effective...(so happened my husband is a graduate lawyer) he was becoming RUDE, ripping a piece of paper infront of us w/ a total FRUSTRATION!!!
    The last person came and still other words they all gave up on us.
    We are now back home and feeling more secured. It was an experienced we will never forget, and until now it's a TOPIC of discussion in my household.

  • Me
      16th of Feb, 2011
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    Dear Timeshare Owners,

    We invite you to get to know our services at G&G Mexican Timeshare Solutions. We are a Mexican based company that specializes in cancelling contracts purchased under fraudulent premises. We offer free consultations to anybody interested in our services to discuss the details of their case.

    We are empathetic to victimized consumers and we work on a contingency basis; which means no upfront fees, and if we don't achieve results, you don't pay us a cent.

    We look forward to helping you in your claim.

    Customer Service,

    1 888 275-3595

  • Rg
      18th of Mar, 2012
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    unable to contact ANYONE by phone or email to cancel before 7 days and this has been since return to the states February 18th 2012 . I paid 500 dollars.
    I have alerted my bank because they were going to take out montly payments.
    I was given names and unable to reach any of them!
    Maria Navarro
    Yasmin Gomez
    Golden Tours
    Sheena Kemp
    There are no numbers that work.
    I want to cancel this contract and get my money back!!!

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