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Ross / hostile environment

Torrance, CA, United States

It took me sometime to deiced if I would report to my local store or if I even had the place to say something. I attempted to speak to a manger of the store (#14) but got a rude lady who showed no concern. Point is I over herd one of the managers, in Spanish say "dejar que el sudor de mono" (let the monkey sweat) to the security guard in reference to the new African American supervisor. My jaw dropped and my daughter herd it too. For about six minuets while I waited by the carts with my daughter for my neighbor to get her things purchased, I witnessed them laugh and degrade him in Spanish. The young man, Nathaniel is his name was swamped with the regular mile line long at Ross, he even turned around and asked the manger for help, called for service via the loud speaker, while the two jerks snickered and spoke down on him in our native language. I say our because I am a latina and proud; but my 13 year old daughter herd this a witnessed racism in a sad and unfortunate way. I'm 100% sure Nathaniel was oblivious to the banter happening behind him because he was focused on the customer in front of him, rushing to "over ride" something for another cashier and I know he primarily speaks the English language. I've held conversation with this young man to the point we discussed San Diego, where he just relocated from and he was very well versed believe me. I literally thought I was on "What would you do" with John all jokes aside, I would have failed because I did nothing when I should have. I should have spoken up because no one deserves that blatant disrespect and they were getting joy out of making his job harder. To attack his character with racial slurs while on the sales floor with no regards to who is around is appalling. I am at that store atleast twice a week, every Tuesday with my client for senior Tuesdays and always through out the week with my daughter. I have witnessed Nathaniel wither from a happy, eager cashier... to the regular run of the mill ill tempered Ross employee with -in weeks of his new employment at Ross. My daughter bought the incident back up and it showed me she was affected by this. So were writing this together. if you ever go to Ross on Pacific Coast highway store 14 in Los Angeles, go see Nathaniel, hes such a joy to talk to and gentlemen. Let him know you read this and there are good people in LA.

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