Ross Dress for Lessunethical behaviour

1 Nov 29, 2017

My name is Della Page and I have a complaint against William Page who currently works at your East West Connector location in Austell, GA. We are currently separated and I am in the process of filing for a divorce. I have recently observed William being a bit too friendly with the female staff on a couple of occasions while visiting the store and also standing around at the registers when he was not scheduled to work. When I enter your establishment I am no longer his wife but a customer and should be treated as such. Without making a scene I have been approached by William with a nasty attitude just because I came in the store. He asked me was there something I needed as if I had no business in the store. William has also made a threat to me on November 28, 2017 after I came into the store minding my business to purchase a pair of pants and told me after he got home I better not come back to the store ever again or I will see. The store is a public place and I have every right to shop there but If I am going to be confronted by William each time I come in this will become a legal matter. Our current marital situation should in now way cause me to feel uncomfortable when I come into your store and William should approach me as a customer and not a wife. Each time I walk in the store he doesn't greet me with the standard, "Welcome to Ross" and this has happened on two occasions. I don't appreciate the threat and would like to know if anyone at Ross gave William the authorization to threaten me if I come back in the store something would happen to me? I expect to be treated like a customer when I walk into your store like everyone else. This type of behavior should not be tolerated at the front door. William became very upset when I caught him and one of the ladies at the front fraternizing at the front counter and being a little to charming and he was surprised to see me walk in the store, since then I have received treats William.

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