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Ross Dress for Less / landfill in a building complete with fire and health hazards

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The Bellingham WA store is an accident waiting to happen. I have complained via email to corporate within the last year about this store to no avail. Now I have taken pictures with my cell phone and started a file with all correspondence to ROSS. Why you ask? The other day I was in the store and watched a older woman fall while trying to get through the sheet isle. It is no exaggeration when I say it has to be at least 4 feet deep in the isle. It's only a matter of time before ROSS gets sued for an injury at this location(if they haven't already). It is already a fire hazard and a health hazard. I tell you, If I hear of anyone bringing litigation against the Bellingham Ross for injury, the litigants attorneys will be getting copies of my electronic letters and pictures proving they were aware of the situation and chose not to do anything about it.

They have so much stock end up on the floor which becomes totally unsaleable. Stock is mixed up so bad that it is a frustrating experience to shop there. You spend hours trying to find a matching sheet, or towel and end up just walking out without buying anything. Add to that the condition of the food section and I am surprised the health department isn't involved. There are open containers of food and food spills that never get cleaned up. I won't eat at restaurants in that strip mall because I know there has to be a rodent problem stemming from Ross.

I saw and heard staff saying that the stock people were sent home, at 2 pm in the afternoon. I have seen the same item on the floor for over a year. No one re-stocks, and the staff are all back in the dressing room area just talking and having a great time talking to their friends about the people they see on camera. I sure hope they are filming me, because I am filming them. I have gone to ROSS three times in the last year and I have not once seen anyone re-stocking the shelves.

While I was there, I overheard at least 80% of the patrons complaining about the condition of the store. From what I have read on complaint boards Bellingham is not the only store maintained in the manner. In other words, the CEO isn't doing his job, the upper level managers are not doing their job, the lower level managers are reaping the rewards in lost profits and lower wages and higher turnovers in staff.

Maybe someone needs to organize the labor in the stores. Since the word isn't going out from the top down, maybe we have to send them a message from the bottom up. Maybe if they brought up the wages and working conditions (safety being a real big issue), and staff level, the CEO's might take a closer look at how their stores are being operated. Hey, I work for a Labor Organization. I have seen where a Union comes in and turns a facility around.

Wonder why the CEO does not care that the condition of his stores represent him? Wonder why CEO MICHAEL BALMUTH has sold off 1/5 of his shares in the store within the last 3 months? Makes you want to go hmmmmm. Also, do a search on his annual salary - just in pay and bonus he is at over a million. Add to that stock, etc. he is at 14 million. That answers that question.

I am off to do some google-ing on ROSS, litigants and CEO's as well as labor organizations. I am also going to post my complaints on every consumer board I can find. I will also post a complaint with the Fire Marshall and Health Department. Don't you just love cut and paste? Good luck with that Bellingham store Ross Dress for Less. Sure hope any fines and lawsuits are hefty. I will be shopping at TJ Max and Walmart. Their stores are clean!

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  • Su
      17th of Sep, 2008
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    Who put the sheet in the floor?

  • Ro
      19th of Oct, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Suzette- you must be an employee!

    True there is a lot of merchandise found on the floor.

    The quickest solution to the "mess" problem is to increase the number of employees working throughout the day. Unfortunately a bigger payroll would mean higher prices. Ross would no longer be a discount store- we would have prices similar to TJ Maxx and Marshall's.

    Trevor, please try shopping when the store opens. After leaving two/three hours after the store closes and coming in an hour or two early, the store is tidy (tidier).


    Ross shoppers, when you try on a pair of shoes, size 8, please return them to the size 8 rack with the toe of the shoes facing outward. All shoes coming off the truck are stocked in this fashion. Because no one wants to stay overnight, associates (at busy stores) will just pick the shoes off the floor and put them toe outward from where they were found. If a customer takes a size 7 1/2 shoe and leaves the pair on the floor in the size nine section, it will likely be placed toe outward there.

    Ross shoppers, when you remove an item off it's hanger to look at in in the aisle, please return the item on the hanger in the section you found it. If the hanger inadvertently breaks, you may bring the merchandise to the fitting room or customer service, who will see that it gets rehung and return to the correct location on the stock floor. Because no one wants to stay overnight, associates (at busy stores) will just pick the clothes off the floor and put where they were found. The early morning crew will go around and size and sort, time permitting.

    Ross shoppers, please don't open sheet, bedding, knives, underwear, food etc. packages. If you find that it is not what you wanted or needed, you can return it with the plastic package covering and your receipt. When you shop at Macy's, Filene's, Blommingdale's, JC Penny, Sears, Kohl's, Target, Wal-mart, K-Mart, etc., do you open the packages? When there's a sign that says, please do not open the packages, should you be allowed to anyways. If the sign says do not enter, should you be allowed to anyways? Should a red light be optional? When you're at your local grocery store, do you open up the jars of BBQ sauce, coffee bags, candy containers, etc.?

    Ross shoppers, when entering the fitting room, please present the fitting room associate with the no more than eight items (two pieces count as two) you wish to try on. When finished please return the merchandise as you found it- right side out, correct corresponding sizing nub on hanger, etc.

    Ross shoppers, when looking at a towel, if you do not like it after unfolding it, please fold and return to stack of similar towels.

    Ross shoppers when looking through the lingerie, if you do not like the style of bra/underwear that you took from the rack, please return it to the correct size location.

    Shoppers working with associates can make everyone's experience at Ross more enjoyable. If we (the Ross associates) deliver on our end, making sure new shoes get placed out on the floor toes facing outward with the size of shoe corresponding to the shelf, sizing and sorting all new clothing merchandise in the correct sections, all new sheets sized, all new towels color organized, all new lingerie sized, etc. and customers similarly working (or just being considerate), the Ross brand would be the fastest growing retailer. Perhaps, it could boost the economy- create more jobs. Bring us out of the nearing repression. Help reduce our dependency on foreign oil. Help reduce health care costs. End Poverty. Cure AIDS. Or, at the very least, as I suggested, make the Ross experience more enjoyable for every shopper and employee.

    BTW, Trevor what does this even mean? "It is no exaggeration when I say it has to be at least 4 feet deep in the isle." And, if the stock crew arrives at 5:30 am for a 6:00am truck arrival, what time should they leave?


    If I got a 100 dollar bill for every customer that said he/she would never shop again and was back within a month, I wouldn't have to work at Ross. Since I am not getting the $100, I would rather they not come back. But, they always do. :(

  • Ke
      5th of Apr, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I don't think I'm out of line in speaking for all of us in the prestigious line of customer service when I say, all of you folks out there that complain endlessly to get someone fired, to get a free meal, or just to feel some small sense of power, need to get a frickin life. If you're actually taking the time and energy to send complaints over all hell and creation (about Ross no less), then you're life has taken a sad turn indeed. You might not be the one making the mess, but it's not the employees. It's the shoppers with no respect for the store or anyone else. If they hired more people, certainly it would be cleaner, but what would make the difference is if the inconsiderate, ignorant, obnoxious ### and ### would just put things back where they found them. Stop complaining to the company and the next time you see someone just throwing things about, feel free to ### them out. Till then, go back to believing what you read in the inquirer, and wondering why your only companion is a cat.

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