Ross Dress for Less / management and workers

United States

I am very dissapointed with how our ross store in victoria, tx is managed its honestly a joke.. I have a family member that works there and she works her butt off, is never late and is willing to drop everything to go and be at work.. Lately she has been having trouble with a few coworkers not wanting to do their jobs and shes having to do her job and theirs which I think is bs.. So she has been telling her manager about the situation with her coworkers over and over again but since they are all friends they get together and they give my family member the hard time and pretty much tell her that she just has to do it... My family member has always been respected and works hard she gets her job done.. Im complaining because the ross store in victoria is a huge joke with how they are managed.. If your gonna have a manager that is willing to lose good workers over workers who mess around and dont do anything then the corporate office really needs to double check who the hell they hire as managers because its a business and that comes before being friends.. Whats right is right and whats wrong is wrong and if yall are willing to hire people who jist sit in their rear ends I will be applying to get free money to sit around

Feb 12, 2019

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