Ross Dress for Less / I am a woman who just resigned from ross

As soon as I started, I inquired drama with co-workers as well as the managers and store manager that worked there. I had barely started and everybody was so mean and rude to me to where I had to resign after just 3-4 weeks. I couldn't even enjoy work everyday, I got picked on and they made it very miserable for me to work there. This is the address of the ross i'm complaining about, 10945 westheimer rd, houston, tx 77042. The store is very unorganized and very dirty. They don't even put things in the appropriate aisles. I really would like for the store manager ashleigh as well as the other managers chalundria and jennifer to be fired. I told them about everybody picking on me and they let it escalate to drama everyday. I'm just very mad that I had to resign because I have a son to feed. Thank you

Mar 17, 2017

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