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I live 1 -1/2 away, I drove yesterday to your weatherford location, found a dress but wrong size. I took a pic of it to look at other ross stores for
it because it is for my niece; the other store I called ask for a number etc so the could very kindly assist me in looking via phone for it, I neglected to take a pic of the tag; I called the weatherford location this morning to see if they would mind assisting me in getting the number off the dress. An employee named sharon ans the phone and told me she was the only one there and couldnt leave her register, so ok fine, then I called back to ask if I cld leave the dress description & my phone number with her so that when she had time she cld call me with that info, well they are not allowed to call out, ok fine. Then I proceeded and asked her if there was no one else in the entire store that cld help me, she said (after she told me she was the only one there previously) that they were all busy and mgr was on conference call. Mind you this is like 20 miniutes after they opened. I have worked retail many years and I know at 9:20am it is not busy and should never be too busy to assist a customer! this really made me very angry, the customer is the one that takes care of employees pay. I feel this whole entire process was uncalled for.

kim slone
below is a pic of the dress

Feb 05, 2019

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