Ross Dress for Lesscustomer service/managers

The Ross dress for less on Markham in Little Rock has racist managers. They try to fight customers and be rude to them just because they feel like it. They ban and kick people out just because they don't like you or don't wanna clean up a spill you told them about. They getting pay to sit on their butts. The store is dirty and they hang up dirty clothes and when you try to return something you never wore, they refuse because of a stain that was on there before you bought it. As a manager your suppose to handle a situation with discretion and respectful and no insult a customer or cuss them out. That's what the black lady manger and a white lady manager from Markham in Little Rock Arkansas Ross dress for less did. I am a daily customer and to be treated with such disrespect just because a spill they didn't wanna clean up or just because your color is unacceptable whatsoever.

  • Updated by Ayyoowhity, May 27, 2018

    The Markham Ross dress for less in Little Rock, AR has a manager name Alisheah that is African American and a white lady manager and she racist with Hispanics. I was less than 5 minutes in the store and my sister threw up and I told the cashier and the managers started to make fun of my sister and making her feel bad for throwing up and try to make me clean. Alisheah the manager try to throw the napkins at me and saying rude stuff to me and when I was rude back she told the cashier do not check me my little brother out that was just trying to buy some headphones and that We are banned. She said it was her [censored] store and she can kick and ban whoever she wants but this isn't the first time she was rude to me or my family. I felt so disrespected and she tried to fight me. This is unacceptable for a manager to be this disrespectful and immature. She even called the police for the most irrelevant reason.

May 27, 2018

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