Ross Dress for Less / customer service

Fayetteville ga, United States

I came into ross before 12 pm. I came in and I knew that I wanted some new earrings and a ring at the jewelry counter. As I stood by the jewelry counter I waited for someone to come and help me. At this time there were 3 employees by the cash register. The store was not busy at all and there was no line. No one came to assist me. I waited another 10 minutes to see if someone would come help and assist and no one came. At the time I seen 2 employee ringing up 2 customers at the same time. I asked for help and they said they would assist me. I waited and still no one came. They continued to ring up ppl the would walk up to the register with no wait. As I wasn't pleased... That they were taking ppl and ringing them up as they came to the register with no line and kept me waiting and those other customers didn't have to wait at all. I then went to the dressing room associate and mentioned to her no one is helping me and curious as to why when the store wasn't busy I mentioned to her I seen 3 emplyees at first and then only two can she get someone to assist me. She got on her headset and told them someone needed help at the jewelry counter and that I was on my way other there. I got back to the counter and still no one helped me. I waited for another 10-minutes or so until I sent my daughter back to the dressing room employee so can relay the message again. She did. Still no help. It wasn't until I yelled "excuse me but may I please get some help here I have been waiting for a long time". An employee came over by the name of symonae. She didn't apologize for the wait. She told me that if there is a line we must ring up customers. I advised her that there wasn't a line at all and it was slow, and I didn't appreciate them ringing up people that would walk up before helping me. I also mentioned to her that someone could have gotten another employee to assist me because I have been waiting almost 30 minutes to get assistant in a store that wasn't busy or packed at all and didn't have a line. She then got very unprofessional and asked what did I want. I told her the two items I wanted and she told me to get in line behind 2 other ppl. I reassured her that I have been waiting a really long time and would appreciate if she could ring me up due to me waiting for an employees assistantance and the fact that I have been waiting way before those 2 ppl even got line. She made me get in line and was very rude. I am a single mother of two and I had my baby 8 months and daughter 8 yrs accompanied with me. My time is very valuable and customer service is very important to me. I do a lot of shopping at ross and i've never had an issue until today. I spend my hard earned money here all the time and to treat a customer this way was totally embarrassing. It's sad to say that I will longer be shopping here store due to the way I was treated.

Oct 21, 2018

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