Ross Dress for Less / anonymous

Texas, United States

I just want to give my opinion. I know I'm nobody to judge you over your company. I love your company but if I was you I wouldn't like customers to say negative things about my company. Ross is great but I think you need to treat us more fairly. The reason I say fair is because I don't know if you order that to the managers or they make their own decision. I know you pay 11 dollars an hour that's good but you only give us twenty hours every two weeks two days per week. I don't think that's fair . I make like 200 dlls. every two weeks. I also have family and bills that I have to pay for. With that amount it seems like if we are working for and at another country not the United states. Also, like i tell you it's not my company maybe you don't care about my opinion but I really like your company and would like to hear positive things about your company cause I care for Ross. You should also have two janitors one in morning and one afternoon. The customers are always complaining that they are dirty, nasty. I don't know who you send to clean and how many hours you give them but all the Ross stores that Ive been to their is alot of dust everywhere. Sometimes when I'm in the fitting room and don't have any customers in the fitting room i try to get the broom and sweep the floor around the fitting room. Cause sometimes the clothes gets dirty and the customers ask right away if they can have a % off because it's dirty. For right now that's all I have to tell you. Hope we hear positive things about Ross. Hope Ross cares about their employers and customers.

Oct 06, 2018

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