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Ross / Poor Service

1 United States

Purchasing a pair of shoes a week ago, I came home to find that the toe portion of the shoe was scuffed. Let me back up a bit, and better explain myself.

There have been several incidents when I would go to Ross, see a "shoe" that I liked, and I had to hunt for its pair. Normally, the shoes are somehow kept together, but there have been several times, I either had to look for the shoe on a different rack, or put the shoe back altogether because I could not find its pair. Incidentally, the day I bought my pair of black slip-on, this was the issue. I saw one shoe, saw that I liked it, and I easily acquired the second shoe from a different shelf on the same aisle. It wasn't until after I came home, that I saw that the toe part of one slipper was scuffed. Chagrined, I told myself I would return the item at my earliest convenience.

The following Sunday, I grab my Ross bag, the receipt and head off to the store. The lady in front of me is purchasing a vast amount of items, so, I wait in line for about 10 minutes. While the cashier is ringing up some items, she is pulled aside by Kelly, another store representative. Kelly picks up a pair of shoes on the counter and points out that items that have been worn are not to be refunded. Fair enough.

When it is finally my turn, I hand over my back and complacently await the meager $10 charge to be returned to my VISA. The cashier looks at me. "What's wrong with them?"
"They are scuffed in the front. I didn't notice until I brought them home."

The cashier then turns to Kelly. I can see they are discussing my shoes. Kelly then comes to the register, and with a look of indignation, she tells me that Ross cannot refund me because the shoes have been "worn." So, I spend the next 5 minutes explaining that I never wore the shoes and would only like to get a refund.

Not only did Kelly embarrass me in front of other customers by making me look like some dim-wit trying to return "worn" shoes, she falsely accused me of trying to pull some kind of stunt. Completely and utterly irritated, I asked for the store number, and number where I would be able to speak to someone of higher authority.

Not only had the present cashier refunded a pair of truly worn shoes to a previous customer, Kelly falsely accused me of trying to pull the same stunt.


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