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Rogers Wireless

I'd like to make a complaint about Rogers wireless canada's duplicitous Customer Service. Here is my experience:

About three months ago, I called Rogers customer service to cancel my cellular services. I was transfered to the customer relations department where I was offered as incentive to stay with Rogers three months unlimited calling. They didn't mention anything else besides that. Sounded good so I went for it. Little did I know that Rogers had cunningly signed me up on a three year contract!!! You can't imagine how enraged I was when I found out. The conniving, scheming and duplicitousness of it all just convinced me I had to get out... I was done with Rogers and no amount of incentives was going to change my mind. I was in for a mega-ton shock when I called to cancel my services. Apparently I would have to pay 400 dollars to cancel... and you know why... because I was on that three year contract.

Let me clarify a few things. About a year and a half ago, I bought my nokia 6682 smartphone full price on no contract. I payed my bills faithfully every single month. I was a free woman, with no contracts. So why in the world would I want to shackle myself to Rogers on a three year contract!!! Why didn't customer relations mention that the three months unlimited calling entailed a three year contract? Do you see the utter deceptiveness of this all?

About three days ago I called Rogers to sort this all out and thankfully my calling plan was reverted back to what it used to be. But to be honest with you, I'm so angry and tired, that as soon as my account is officially back to a month to month plan, I'm going to get the hell out of Rogers.

Rogers needs to change their policies. Become transparent will all their customers.

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  • Ge
      24th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes - Email scam

    Rogers claimed that I have order a phone which I never did and was shipped. I couldn't even open the pdf file to see what on earth they were talking about. UPS claimed that they had not yet had the phone in possession. Come on now, Rogers. Don't try to scam people!

  • La
      15th of Mar, 2011
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    to whom it may concern
    I am a rogers cx for some time now. first i had cellphone, they came to my door ofering a promotion deal with 6 months free. It was a goo deal and i took as i was getting the VIP package. I said to my sell i need to conserve some money so it does not make sense i have a cell phone and a home phone as i am on the rd most of the time. I called rogers and cancel the home phone, they told i was on a 2 year plane no told or explained to me. Anyways he process my request. I then receive a bill for the first time with roger for offer $500. I called and spoke with someone from customer relations who explained that i was charged a cancellation fee. I advised her did not cancel i only terminate the home phone and explained to her my reason for the termination. she then said it was an error by their system. I said that is fine as long as they can have it remove. She explained that would send it of to another department as she would not be able to handle it and that it may take 48 to 72 hours. I said that is fine . I week after i follow up on the account and the amount was still there. I then phone roger and spoke with a young man who i once again explain the situation to, he told me again he would have it taken care of and t give it a couple days. A month after i followed up on the account and it was over a $1000. I the phone to speak with someone again and the CSR rudely disconnected the call. I call back and advised the next Rep i want to speak with a manager and a supervisor when i was transferred to one who did not know what was going on the account. @ this point i was frustrated after spending an hour on the phone with Rogers. I then advised the REp that i was not paying Rogers a cent more . The last person i spoke with said that he was going to do an investigation as i already made payment to them on the acct and they were unable to locate that info. Rogers all they do is suck u out of your had earn money.

  • Zo
      27th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    i am not a fan of rogers but to let you know rogers hires telemarketting companies to call on their behalf and sell you these products...their is a goverment website you can go to and get off the telemartketter call if they call you again they would get a fine

  • Ly
      4th of Feb, 2013
    0 Votes

    I am so livid with Rogers and their fast cash grab schemes...I went for the "free" digital box, because now you won't be able to get certain channels that you have been paying for for years, unless you request this box..."absolutely free"...My first bill came in since I requested 2 was not "free" they charged me a prorated fee from Jan 12 to Feb 8 for the box & then they charged me an additional fee for having an "extra" outlet. which is $6.99/month...I was paying 76.10 a month for the same services I use to pay under $25.00 for and I get less I'm paying $87.10 to get continuous repetitions of the same shows & ridiculous amounts of paid programming...that's what I'm paying for... I'm going to report this to the CRTC and my Ombudsmen, because I've had enough...I don't normally complain, but enough already...I'm retired and trying to watch my expenditures...The CRTC needs to take the monopoly away from these large companies once and for all so they can't continue to mislead their customers!!!

  • Rn
      20th of May, 2013
    0 Votes

    In April we decided to cancel our business rogers hub because it was costing almost $170 a month for terrible Internet service. I called frequently trying to figure out how to improve the service because I had to repair every five minutes or so because I would loose connection. It's frustrating when your trying to put in an order with suppliers and your order gets lost because your Internet cuts out. They tried to say it was the satellite; however it was located in the town. Afterwards, they said it was the computer; however we went out and bought a brand new top of the line laptop. After many discussions with the technical service no one could figure out what the problem was. It was so slow we couldn't even get a speed test done. They suggested that we increase our plan to get more speed. There was no change with this plan. Therefore, we finally had enough and called and wanted to cancel the service. I spoke to a lady who told us that the hubs we bought weren't even on their old list, they were too old to hold any speed. However, if we bought new hubs with a three year term it would solve our problem! We denied the deal and asked what we could do to cancel our plan knowing it would be over in July 2013. A sales representative told us we could suspend it and pay only the 5.00 data until July when we could cancel it therefore, I wouldn't have to pay the cancellation fee of 250.00. It sounded like a good deal! The service would stop in a few days. When I started calling around to other services; we discovered that no one could come for a while because it had to be rewired since the hub used no hard wire. Therefore, I called back and asked if they could continue my plan- cancel the suspension until our phone could be reinstated (needed it for business). I just received my bill from them in two weeks they managed to charge us wireless usage of $496.00 for the phone! I called today to discuss this with them. They agreed to cut it in half; however, would not take off the cancellation fee of 100.00. Therefore in total my bill for two weeks estimated $800.00. I'm still using their crummy service at my house with a second hub because we can't get any other service and don't want to pay another cancellation fee!

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