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Rogers Yahoo / logging in

1 StThomas, Ontario, Canada Review updated:
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Phone: 519-631-4488

I really just want to say I am displeased with the way your system has been operating lately, a few weeks ago my system went down and I was led to believe it was a problem with my computer, over the next 4 days rogers vans seamed to be circling my neighborhood doing repairs.Obviously there was a problem that came in over YOUR lines and no one would admit that to me
I haven't been able to log on without difficulty since and when i called in, One of your technicians told me it was a problem on my end with my Ethernet card, this technician got my system up and running( he was very help full and extremely patient with me by the way, , kudos to him ) through the USB connection but I fear there has been damage to my computer is something that will cost me in the future . I have, today just switched over
to outlook express instead of Yahoo because of difficulties logging on just to check my E-mails .I hope you can solve your internal difficulties and I prefer to use your system, BUT, find it more of a pain than its worth at this time
My two cents worth
Randy Nash

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      25th of Nov, 2009
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    When it comes to Rogers anything is possible, How about being billed and put into a collections company called Metro Financial Solutions after the account had been paid in full for a lengthy amount of time, "with receipts" that prooved payment was made in full, they still insisted I owe them money, I faxed the receipts and still Rogers argued the case. I spoke with several Rogers Agents and their Supervisors, who all agreed that something was definately really gone wrong, even the collections people said they had never seen anything this screwed up. I moved and had tried to cancel my services from as far back as March 09 I moved from London In May 09 to a small town that didn't even have Rogers Services, but before I moved I had a gut feeling and called Rogers on May 7th and was told I couldn't cancel for an additional 30 days, so my Conversation in March went on to deaf ears and to make matters worse I was billed past the 30 days in May 7th 09 conversation and again billed into Aug of 09, I called Rogers on Sept 27th and was told to pay 214.44 which I paid under duress on Oct 7th all was supposed to be settled from the Rogers Agent and his Supervisor on Sept 27th paid the amount of 214.44 on Oct 7th and thought "ok what a pain in the butt just to cancel Rogers service" I must mention that not once did Rogers try to reach me and they had the info needed to do so.Since that date, I've been told I owe over a thousand to 384.00 to 204.51 to 119.00 and back to 4??.00 account receivables sent my file to collections while I had in my hand receipts for over period of months stating my account was paid, I might add that I was never contacted once, that is until I was driving down the 401 on Friday 13th and got a call from Metro Financial Solutions and its been hell ever since I was told as of the end of November my good credit will be effected in a very negative way, because of Rogers mismanagement of my account, in a way that Rogers own Agents and their Supervisors agree they have never seen, , Rogers is very much like Hotel California, , "You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave" I've spent a minimum of 16 hrs trying to get it through to them. I've even wrote the Office of the President and a lady called D'Arcy is now trying to battle my case with a Rogers Liason and my contact person at Metro Finicial Solutions, (Jason) has told me that this whole case is most bizzare case he has ever seen, as he has the faxes of receipts, but is at the mercy of what Rogers is claiming, any idea if I can sue Rogers for a Million Dollars? my Lawyer thinks a lawsuit would have a positive outcome, but all I want is to have this nightmare end and to warn others how bloody backwards Rogers are and how badly they can ruin your life over Kindergarden Educated Accounts Receivable and How little Rogers Agents and there Supervisors authority is continually overstepped by some idiot, with some twisted and vindictive agenda, that suffers from a Napolean Syndrome, beware Rogers has people with certain mental issues, , a serial malinger, who is at best an authority misfit, its to bad, , Rogers is no longer the most reliable provider, its people like this person that make Rogers less then it can be, , I would advise anyone who is closing their account with Rogers to have a Lawyer send them Notice 35 dollars, for a letter is a lot less, then I have had to pay and pay and pay and still no end in sight, , with Rogers and don't forget I still have the receipts that say paid and D'Arcy from the Presidents Office I do beleive is doing her best its a shame that every Rogers Rep and Supervisor have agreed with me and D'Arcy all have went to clear the account to zero only to be challanged by clearly some nut with, power by authority, , who is the only one right and all 10-14 people involved are wrong, someone needs to give this person who ever it may be a job in a retail store handing out late charges and restocking shelves, or send that person to a post in the Yukon, so they can mingle with the dogs and learn some morals, , Joseph Moses

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