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MY story is long but I am going to make it short. I am rogers customer since december 2002. like today 6 years I have 5 cell phones cable internet. my average monthly bill 400 september 2008. I get a phone call from rogers customer service. asking me how is my I phone and if iam satisfy with the phone. I was surprise what are they talking about, they said that ihave order 2 iphones not one. make a long story short they said that they are going to adjust the story.
1-the fact is they accusing me with theft and this not accebtebale.
2-I did not receive any invoice in september and october.
they call me for the payments I said that I dont have any invoice. so roger customer services thy changed my address to a different one and all the invoices are going there. they want me topay over 1000 dollars with no september all my phones name display has changed.
the suspend my services because I did not pay, the reason is that I dont have invoices. I ask to send me a copy wich I got charge extra to sed the invoices.
I start paying the 1st invoices but the charges are not correct.
rogers they admit that fraud has been done tomy account. and they dont care they want to pay for it you call customer services after hours and hours waiting they hang up on you. and now they suspend my services again whish is their mistake not me I have all the proof. this is uneccaptable fro rogers wireless. thanks

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      Nov 27, 2009

    i agree .they do not care.they will sign you up for all sorts of things, but it's very difficult to disconnect anything.they put you on hold then hang up.if asked what happened and why the services weren't disconnected they say the call was dropped.when asking for the name or reference # of the representative you are speaking with, they don't match.they get commission for any sale.i found out i got five features to my phone and i didnt want need to confirm your order a minimum of 4 times.i don't know why it needs to be so frustrating.

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