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Rogers Wireless / if you deal with a mobile phone operator in canada, you are going to get ripped off

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Went to get a "pay as you go" phone from Rogers Wireless, since I had a gsm phone but only made 2 or 3 calls per month.

So I walk up to the counter, tell them what I wanted. They tell me it's going to be a $50 "activation fee". Well, it's pretty well known that the Canadian mobile phone providers are ripoff merchants, but I can take $50. I agree, they IMMEDIATELY take a sim card out of one of their boxes, without telling me anymore about the product.

I then start to think about what questions I SHOULD be asking. Like "what's the minimum amount for a pay as you go card". $10. "does it expire?". This is where it gets really confusing. The card apparently expired in 30 days. But once the card is put into the phone, I'm told the minutes purchased roll over into the following month.

Cool. I give them my details.

It then comes up in conversation that the minutes only roll over IF YOU KEEP PURCHASING THEIR CARDS. So if you don't purchase a card, goodbye to your money.

At this point I'm getting annoyed. Hidden costs popping out of the woodwork like termites. $50 activation, minimum $10 per month, and then the kicker, $0.40 per minute for any calls I make in the first place!

At this point I'm annoyed, so I tell them that no, I won't be doing pay as you go from Rogers. Not at $170 for the first year and $120 per year thereafter, whether I use the phone or not. That's NOT "pay as you go", that's "pay through the nose for not much".

The kicker was, they then made me pay $25 + tax for the sim card that they had immediately opened earlier, before disclosing anything.

So we have a complete lack of disclosure on their part that ends up costing me $28 just for having talked to them.

Unfortunately, that behavior is apparently not only legal in Canada, it's typical of all mobile phone operators.

Be warned. If you deal with a mobile phone operator in Canada, you ARE going to get ripped off.

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      29th of Jul, 2008
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    I ordered the iphone on July 12th, the day after the iphone was released. I called and called to recieve information on tracking my package. I was then told that my order was denied because of flawed information in my billing address. (BOGUS)!

    I then placed another order on the 17th when I found this news out. The order went through and I received a receipt stating that my package will be delivered within 7 days. It is now the 29th of July and I have NOT yet received my package.

    I called in to speak to someone and they said that it could be a gliche and that my order probably didn't go through. I then told them that the $$ amount was taken off of my credit card so it has went through if the amount has been taken off of my credit card.

    They are NOW telling me that my order for the 2nd time has NOT went through and that I need to make my purchase in person. They also stated that the amount will be transfered back to my account within one MONTH.

    I think they are doing this because they don't want to let out too many iphones before AUGUST 1st because of the limited time offer price of $30.00 for a data package plan that is the equivilent to the $120.00 price plan.

    I think they are trying to limited the amount of phones purchased and received during that time so that they don't lose any money.

    THATS MY BEEF! Don't order the rogers iphone online. THEY are CROOKS! I've paid over $800.00 with my visa this month trying to purchase ONE phone. I wouldn't deal with the devil rogers ever ever again!

    They are crooks, liars and manipulators. I've heard the worst ### in my life...from Rogers representatitves.

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      29th of Jul, 2008
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    Also Rogers and I have an angry past with one another. I've been a loyal customer for over 5 years, because I like their phones and I've had nothing but bad luck, bad service and horrible price plans.

    I've never been more angry in my life, when seeing a Rogers Wireless cell phone shack in the mall.

    I've had NOTHING but bad experieces for the past 5 years that I've been a Rogers customer. I can't say it any other way. DON'T GET THE iPHONE. They are only trying to lure you in. I would wait 6 months until Bell and Telus catch up and change their network paths to the same as GSM/Rogers so that they TOO can support the iPHONE. I'm sure BELL will come up with a way way way more attractive price plan.

    So if you do want the phone...then wait. Rogers iphone is the worlds most expensive phone. If you don't believe me then look it up online.

    Canadian customers are paying the highest price for their iphone out of anyone in the world. They do however have a smaller bill of $10.00 less that some other countries.

    HOWEVER in the long run you are paying over $2, 000.00 for your iphone purchase throughout the 3 year contract. Making it the worlds most expensive phone.

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