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Rogers Wireless / useless website and service reps

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I became a Rogers wireless customer in December 06 and to this date I have yet to see a single billing statement outlining my charges. When I signed up for service I did not have a mailing address and foolishly agreed to automatic billing to my credit card. Well, it's 9 months later and I still don't know what I've been paying for because I've been charged different amounts every billing period. I called once to complain but they refused to give me any information because I didn't know the postal code associated with the account since I didn't have one at the time of sign-up. I even went into a Rogers store and they refused to help me for the same reason -- despite me having numerous IDs and the very phone they sold me on hand. I've signed up for online billing 3 times and STILL am unable to view my bills. I've emailed their tech support and regular customer service for help and I just get the runaround. Anyone know how to get through to these people??

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  • An
      20th of Sep, 2007
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    Well i am one of those people and i know how to resolve your concern. Firstly if a postal code cannot be verified there are other means of verification; Pieces of credit card information, S.I.N number or Drivers Licence number. Also i want to add that yes indeed some customers do not get everything listed on their bill as some plans only have partial detailed billing and you need to call in to have full detailed billing added for an additional 3 dollars a month. I hope this helps you out.

  • Gr
      13th of Jun, 2009
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    Rogers is so out of touch with their customers it is totaly gorge orwillian. They act like they control us with questions that are so foolish you would think we are back in the dard ages. I have spent more time on the phone with them trying to correct problems than I do with my own mother. A total waste of time have a cell phone is with this company. I wish Ted would drop dead upon my will.
    I have had more run ins with this company than with all others combined.

    Cell phones are a luxury we do not need to have.

    There were many months of bills I got that would of bought me a porche by now.

    Total rip off company, with no respect for their clientel

  • Bb
      29th of Jun, 2009
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    I agree with the person who wrote the complaint and we as customer need to send millions of complaint letters to the VP of Rogers an show coporate that they must revise customer consumer ethics by phone or person and refunds, billing, better selections and exceptions of new contracts that have early broken phones and accountability to those reps who give very bad advice and supervisors, etc...have a better broken and return policies, especially in trace & tracking. Newer better software to making billing more accessible and assign more jobs for people to keep the websites on Roger products more updated especially advertising a cell phone for 3 different contracts and finding out by customer service by phone, the product is not available anymore in production then phoning twice and two other reps tell me the phone is still available in the model but is now only available for our new refurbished /return/broken/policy produres. I was also told that because I called at different times to get info about the phone and order it, complained about the website, the rep said "you can't keep talking bad about rogers even in a complaining way, or they will take offense to screw up your credit or billing account etc...spread the word...start petitioning head office don't call anymore they will only get lousy customer relations to resolve things and they have given me so many excuses why I can't get a replacement phone except by adding a new line or get the refurbished and they sent a cell phone without a backup battery and back casing inside the package. They told me it takes 3 days get it back, called in three days and said they received the phone but its not scanned yet and that will take another 7 days to have someone scan it into the system.

  • Mo
      17th of Nov, 2009
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    So 2 yrs ago i call rogers to speak on behalf of my father who doesn't speak english, not only till recent did i notice that my name was on the bill mind you spelt incorrect I call to have my fathers name put back on the account like it was they told me they would have to do a credit check. Keep in mind i gave them no such info and not sure how this account was put in my name. When i asked for the name to be changed they said they would have to speak to my father and i stated that he didn't speak english so they told me to take him in to a location which closes at 5 we are both at work i refused my name is still on the bill and i never thought to take this to the TV station which i will be doing Rogers is BULLS**T and they think that we need them, keep in mind when my parents added the internet it was unlimited now i have to pay $2 per gb if i go over my limit HELLO THERE WAS NO LIMIT!!! I am pissed i cant believe these ppl I got married and moved out but they wont change my name

  • Fo
      15th of Aug, 2012
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    Dear Rogers Communications,

    You have made a number of huge mistakes.

    1. Assuming you can continue charging someone for a service after a contract expires as if it is still in effect under the same terms. I honestly don't care what the fine print says about placing the onus on the customer to declare the end of that service. When a contract expires, a contract expires.

    2. Although I should have paid closer attention to my bill when I continued paying for a service for a year after that contract expired, your refund of three months on a service which you have a clear record that I had not used it for an entire year after the contract expired is an insult to your customer.

    3. Expecting to be able to charge for a service after a customer declares they don't want to continue the contract after it expires is just another expression of corruption and thievery on your behalf.

    You can continue to phone me and you can continue to send bills which you can continue to add more and more charges to, but I will happily let you spend thousands trying to collect what I don't owe you.

    I must say though, that after finding myself in this entirely ridiculous situation with you, it is no wonder that your reputation with customers stands at the bottom of the heap of satisfaction.


    A Former Customer

  • Ro
      13th of Sep, 2012
    0 Votes

    complaints department of rogers cell phones. rogers employes are not truthfull and make many arrors if not intentional. I request extra time be put on my phone and I am told there was. the problem created by rogers employes that I am expected to pay for is criminal. I HAVE BEEN LIED TO AGAIN WHEN MY PHONE WAS REACTIVATED. i AM SUPOSTO GET 3 MONTHES UNLIMITED. I still see on the computer that I am to owe This creates a grounds fo litigatiion which is a waist of everyones time on this corupt world

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